Apple has made it even harder for someone to sneak into Apple account on your iPhone with a new method which is called Two-Factor Authentication. It is not like two step authentication and once it’s turned on, it will be impossible to get inside your Apple ID even for someone who knows your Apple ID password. In this authentication method if someone tries to log in to your Apple account, knowing your password, your iPhone won’t let them into your account and will ask for a confirmation from a trusted Apple device, which ever you had selected. 

We give you a simple yet very informative tutorial on how to set up two-factor authentication on your iPhone to keep your Apple id even more secure. 

You can enable the two-factor authentication method on apple devices running iOS 9 or above only. 

So let’s get you started.

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How to set up Two-Factor Authentication for your Apple ID on iPhone:

If you have IOS 10.3 or above on your iPhone

Step 1- First of all open the Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2- Tap on your name on top of the screen.

Step 3- Choose Password and Security option in the new page.

Step 4- It will ask you for your password so enter your password in the password box. 

Step 5– Once you are in Password and Security, you will see the Two-Factor Authentication option turned off and in black font. The rest of the options will be in blue. So tap on the Two-Factor Authentication option and tap ON. 

For users with lesser iOS than 10.3, you just have to click on iCloud option in setting and rest is same. 

That’it is. You have just made your Apple id securer than it was never before. 

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