Not everyone is a fan of a loaded home screen which is bursting with app icons and giving you the impression of an ongoing battle. If you fall in this category then you are in luck because Samsung’s edge panel feature is now not only limited to its Edge series smartphones but it has spread its wings into the latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ as well.

The brilliant edge screen that this beast of a device has, you are in for a treat where you can actually make the most of it by using the edge panels and keeping your apps and shortcuts away but not away. The single swipe of your finger that will launch your mostly used app is a blessing in disguise and edge panels are a great source to be utilized for catering to the need of the neat and clean users. You can even manage a virtual shelf where you can organize the most used tasks.

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How to enable Edge Panel in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

Step 1- Firstly you have to go to Settings on the notification shade and tap on ‘Phone’.

Step 2- There you will tap on the ‘Edge screen’ which will take you to ‘Edge panels’ and you have to tap on the switch next to it for enabling them.

Step 3- Now you have to tap on the ‘Edge panels’ for customizing your own personal shelf. There are 13 built-in edge panels to choose from and you are allowed 9 edge panels to set up at one single time.

Step 4- Once you have chosen the edge panel you desire and set it up, you have to go to tap on the menu button in the right corner at the top and go to ‘Handle settings’.

Step 5- Here you will have to customize the virtual tab for your edge panels on the home screen. You can set the tab’s size, placement, opaqueness or transparency.


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