Apple’s iPhones are a thing to behold and buy but Apple failed to be a pioneer when it came to the feature of handset automatically answering incoming calls. Yes, Apple has introduced this feature in its upcoming iOS 11 but Nokia had this spec a long time ago.

You can use this facility in many a situations like while driving, exercising, napping, cooking, playing outdoors with your children and many more. This feature can be enabled and disabled at your own and nobody is forced to using the automatic answering feature unless you want to.

This feature does not only work with regular voice calls but also VoIP calls like on Viber etc, Facetime calls, etc. Your device’s stock Phone app is integrated with the phone call and as soon as someone calls you, the stock phone app will get activated and answer the call on your behalf. Auto-answering works even when the ‘Do not Disturb (DND)’ mode is on. It automatically answers the call but only if it is coming from one of your contacts in the Favourites list which you would have to allow.

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How to enable automatic answering to incoming calls on your iPhone:

Step 1- First off you have to go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Call audio routing.

Step 2- You will see ‘Auto-answer calls’ at the screen’s bottom and you have to tap on it.

Step 3- Th switch next to the ‘Auto-answer calls’ on the next screen will be off by default. You shall turn it on.

Step 4- Lastly you will be required to set the time until which your device will wait before automatically answering the incoming call.

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