Mobile payments have made shopping a lot more easier in the recent years than it was before with different apps and facilities that come with the mobile producing companies such as Bixby Shopping and cash back on Samsung Pay.

This is a great app for making payments for shopped items and the best part is that it is compatible with MST, which if put in simple words mean, the user can use their Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ on the payment terminals which are not compatible with NFC payment method. Therefore this latest feature is, for sure, going to get more following then its counterparts and other apps.

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What is Bixby Shopping on

As cool as Samsung Pay is already, Bixby Shopping is another feature that has many great uses attached to its name. The foremost is the Bixby Vision that lets users take a photo of an item they like and then pay for it through Samsung Pay. This is not the half of what this feature holds for the users who use Samsung pay. Suppose you are going on the street and you like an article of clothing in the shop window. All you have to do is take a photo of that item and Bixby Vision will start looking for the price, colours, location, availability of that item among all the Samsung partnered retailers. You would not have to go through loads of apps to make the purchase.

Cash Back rewards with Bixby Shopping:

We all have heard and many of us use the feature of earning or getting back miles from airlines when we travel, in order to save miles for making a purchase of another ticket at some other time. The same way and using the same concept, Samsung Pay has introduced Cash back reward feature with Bixby Shopping where the users would be able to get cash back when they make a purchase at a partnered retailer with Samsung or there could be special offers as well on particular items with cash back option.

With Bixby Shopping the users are going to have an enthralling shopping experience and have a real blast with easy purchases. No only this,the ulterior motive of Samsung is to get more companies to team up with it and get into partnership for building a larger shopping community for everyone. What better mobile payment platform a company could get where Samsung Pay, MST and Bixby Shopping with Bixby Vision are all at one place.

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