The latest YouTube Music++ IPA update has just landed for the iOS users and with the help of our short yet comprehensive tutorial on how to download and install the YouTube Music++ 1.88.2 iPA on iOS without jailbreak below, you can enjoy the latest update of this exciting app on your iPhone/iPad.

The latest update comes with with some minor changes along with previously irritating bug fixes. Only audio mode has been added in the new update along with background audio playback feature which has also been added in the latest update. Now the restriction of countries have been lifted, so you can actually download and install it any country enjoy YouTube Music. Another cool thing about the latest update is that all ads have been taken off. You will face so much less of an annoyance with no ads on the YouTube Music. 

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So without any further delay let’s get you to the tutorial of how to install YouTube Music++ 1.88.2 iPA on iOS without jailbreak.

How to install YouTube Music++ 1.88.2 iPA on iOS without jailbreak:

Step 1- Uninstall previously installed Instagram app on your iPhone.

Download YouTube Music++ IPA File

Step 2 -Download YouTube Music++1.88.2 from the link above.  

Step 3- Download Cydia Impactor on your computer.

Step 3- Open Cydia impactor after connecting your device with the computer.

Step 4- Drag and drop the downloaded file of YouTube Music++ iPA onto Cydia impactor.

Step 5- Provide your Apple account details for verification purpose before further actions.

Step 6- Installation shall begin on your device and once completed you will see YouTube Music icon on your device’s screen.

Step 7- Now go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and locate the profile with your Apple id and then tap on the Trust button.

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