In this article we bring you an exclusive guide of downloading and installing the brand new and latest update of PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0 file which was just recently released by Tencent games. PUBG Playeruknowns is rapidly becoming one of the most played action game due its action packed last man standing shooter theme and now the first official APK has been released by it’s makers. One of the best thing which makes this game more exciting and adoptable is that it is being developed by it’s player feedback. The game’s original makers are PUBG Corporation, which is subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most intense game you would ever play. It drops you from a plane on a map where you will find 100 others like yourself trying to survive. You control where ever you want to drop on the map but then the luck is yours. You will either get no weapon or might get a hold of whole battalion armor. And it’s not only the other players who need to be afraid of, but also the weather and storms which can also kill you. It’s undoubtedly one of the best action survival game you will ever play.

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PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0:

Although the game was released back in March 2017, and the full release of the PUBG Mobile was made for Android uses just recently, but the APK for this device was just recently launched for Android devices and its users have gone into frenzy about downloading it as this game has become the most playing survival game now a days due to it’s concept where they drop 100 player on an unknown territory, and every player has to fight for it’s survival by killing everyone else.

In the recent update of PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0 new regions feature has been added in which you will be able to select you favorite region and even can a customised flag for that region. You will also be witnessing a Secret Stash feature which is more like a shop within the game to buy special items with discount. Local Quick Team feature is also be coming in the latest PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0 in which you will be able to team up with other friends users which are near to you by entering a 6 digit code which will be provided to you. Miramar is the new desert map which is one of the coolest feature in the latest update will be available to select. There are all brand new vehicles and weapons waiting for you to be find in the new map. Last but the not least, you will also be able to connect with your in game friends to increase Synergy and also be able to make Connection while you are running high on your Synergy.

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In the recent update of PUBG Mobile APK version which was released early this month came with quite a few new updates for Android devices. You were given access to the PUBG on a lot more devices. It was made compatible for more devices than the first release. Also support was put in for Poruguese, Turkish, French, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. Facebook users were also made able to change in game icon for the game was one of the many notable features in that update.

Downloading an APK could be a bit tricky for a new user specially when your Android. That’s where AndroidiOSPack steps in because we are going to tell you exactly that. We exclusively bring you the first ever tutorial on how you can download and install the newly released APK file of mighty action game PUBG Mobile. So let’s get into it without any further delay.

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How to install latest update of PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0:

1- First of all download the latest update of PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0 for Android by licking the link below.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 Updated APK

2- Once you are done downloading, copy the APK file onto your Android Device.

3- In next step you need to install the APK file, and in order to do that from other sources you have to go your device’s settings >> security >> allow unknown sources.

4- Check the “allow unknown sources” option and it will let you install the files.

5- The installation process will start once you tap the Downloaded APK file.

6- After it completes, you are good to go and play your PUBG Mobile.

That’s it. You have download the latest update of PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0. Good Luck with surviving.

Click here to download the 1.2 GB XAPK file for PUBG Mobile APK 0.5.0.

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