If you are looking for a brand new look on one of your old Android home screen, then action launcher is answer to that. Action launcher is a mixture of latest Android operating system Oreo and Google Pixel Launcher which will give your android home screen a completely new look. It has colors, latest customization and unique and brand new features to shine up your android home screen. Action Launcher 31.0 is the latest update released with even more interesting and exciting features. 

In the latest update of Action Launcher, adaptive folder has been introduced. Also for font integration a special feature called Product Sans is added which comes very handy for the Action Launcher users. Also Android’s Andy Rubin’s very own Essential Phone support has been added. Oreo widget support and shortcut pinning support is also added. Apart from that plenty of bugs have been fixed after the last update. 

In a recent update Action Launcher 31.0 update came with a brand new widget called “At a Glance” which makes the Action Launcher a lot more fun to use. You can no colorize your search bar icons with Google colors by new controls in the latest update. Icon adaptive compatibility for Action Launcher’s calendar and clock has also been added. The S8 and Note 8 support which was added in recent updates have been improved. Apart from that many bugs are fixed. 

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The even better news apart from all these amazing and exciting updats in the Action Launcher is that, below we are going to give your a short yet comprehensive tutorial on how to download the Action Launcher 31.0 update which was just released. So without further a do, let’s get you started with the installation process, so you can enjoy this definitive Material Design launcher on your Android devices. 

How to download Action Launcher 31.0 APK:

Step 1- Download Action Launcher 31.0 APK File for Android from the link below.

Download Action Launcher Update

Step 2- Next step is to the copy downloaded APK onto your Android device.

Step 3- Go go to Configuration >> Security >> Allow unknown sources to install the APK file from other sources.

Step 4-  Check “allow unknown sources” option.

Step 5- Start the installation process by tapping the download APK file. 

Step 6- The installation will take few moments, after it completes, you can run the app.

That’s it. You have downloaded and installed Action Launcher. Enjoy the feel and features of Google Pixel 2 and Android O combined on your Android device. 

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