In this article we exclusively bring you a detailed and a comprehensive tutorial on how to latest Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1 with Joystick and Fly GPS. The Latest Pokemon Go Hack APK Update is introduced by Niantic Labs. APK gaming world just like before once again has shaken by releasing this. AndroidiOSPack did a great job by availing you with the Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1.

All the curious players were excited enough and were waiting for this update of the hack and finally Download latest update of Pokemon Go Hack APK update  has arrived which you can download with Fly GPS and joystick. Here we well guide you to install this with joystick and surely Fly GPS application.

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Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1:

The Pokemon Go APK hack update comes mainly with some bug fixes which were disturbing some users. In a recent update the in-app notifications can be cancelled by just swiping them so no more annoyings while you playing your favorite game. Exclusive Raid Pass feature has been added also which you will be able to share with one friend. For the players in South Korea and Brazil PokeStop nominations are being available for players which have reached up to 40 players. You will also be able to remove Pokemon from your favorites when you are in trade interface. Last but not the least the very usual bugs problems have been fixed along with stability and performance updates.

Now lets proceed to the main part and actual need. Lets get to know how to download the latest Pokémon Go APK Hack update. Don’t stress out yourself as its tough enough to understand and follow the instructions. Proceeding simply, we will surely be showing you an easy and effective way of installing the latest Download Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1. Lets move to the procedure now.You may also read: 

Download & Install latest update of Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1 hack with Joystick and Fly GPS:

1- Starting with the first step, before you proceed to the installation of the Latest Pokemon Go Hack Update, you need to install the Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1 document to be installed on your smartphone from the link apkmirror below. This will keep you safe from the upcoming problems that may interrupt you in the installation of the Latest Pokemon Go Hack Update.

Download Pokemon APK Hack Update

2- Secondly and most importantly you are also required to install Fly GPS app from the link below before all proceedings. Without this, you will not be successful in the installation of the latest Pokemon Go Hack Update. So, don’t miss this important step.

Download Fly GPS

3- After the installation of useful and most important files and applications, you should go to the Settings of your smartphone and do tap the option ‘About Device’. Then do locate the ‘Build Number’ and don’t forget to tap this 7 times in arrow continuously for unlocking the developer’s mode before you proceed for the installation of the  APK.

4- Next you need to go back to the Setting of your smartphone and do click on the Developers Options.

5- From these Developers Options, choose the option of the Mock Location and now click on the Fly GPS option from the list of options.

6- Now, you should go to the Settings once again. From here, click the Safety and Privacy then the Location option and finally click the option ‘Location Method’.

7- Now you should surely enable the Location History, also the high accuracy options inside the location method.

8- Now you should proceed to open the Fly GPS application for the selection of your location.

9- Last but not the least, click on the GPS Service Run, then do select the Joystick Location Mode.

That’s it. You have successfully download and install the Pokemon Go APK hack update 0.137.1.

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