The Hothead games has just released the first ever APK for their might game Mightt Battle. The action game  Mighty Battles 1.0 APK version of the game was just released with this exclusive message from the makers. 

We’re extremely happy to have reached our worldwide release! It’s all thanks to you, our wonderful Commanders, for continuing to play! Mighty Battles doesn’t stop here, though! We have lots of plans for the future of the game. We can’t wait to share them with you in upcoming versions!
We’ll see you in the next update! Keep battling until you are the MIGHTIEST!
Happy Battling!
Mighty Team

The Might Battles is an action packed real time game. You will be able to shoot, Deploy & Destroy in Real-time 1v1 Battles. This is a game for every action game lover. You will be the Commander of the game and you will get to choose your mission. You can also build your own squad units to go for a mission and you will be the leader of that squad. You will get to attack your enemy, and also defend your bases when your enemy attacks you. You will be able to compete online players from all around the World.

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You will earn your rewards as you win battles, which will make you upgrade or increase your squad to make your team stronger. You can also join a clan to defend or attack your enemies. There is also a training mode in the game in which you can train yourself before you go for a mission. That was all about that game and there is a lot more than that, but for that you will have to download and install this action packed game APK which has just been released. Downloading APK’s could be tricky but you need not to worry. Like always AndroidiOSPack has exclusively brought you the APK File of Mighty Battles along with short and brief and yet a comprehensive and easy to do tutorial on how you can download the APK for this exciting game. So let’s get you started.

How to Download and install Mighty Battles 1.0 APK for Android:

1- First of all download the file for Mighty Battles 1.0 APK for Android by licking the link below.

Download Might Battles APK File

2- Once you are done downloading, copy the APK file onto your Android Device.

3- In next step you need to install the APK file, and in order to do that from other sources you have to go your device’s settings >> security >> allow unknown sources.

4- Check the “allow unknown sources” option and it will let you install the files.

5- The installation process will start once you tap the Downloaded APK file.

6- After it completes, you are good to go and play your Pokemon Duel.

That’s it. You have download the latest update of Mighty Battles 1.0 APK . Enjoy playing Pokemon Card game. 

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