It has been raining games on Android smartphones now a days. Every second day a popular Xbox or Playstation game is releasing on Android device and then APK’s are being released for Android devices. In this exclusive tutorial we bring you yet another popular computer game which is full of actions and thrills. We bring you the Dragon Ball Legends APK 1.5.2 File which was just recently released for Android devices by the very famous game house Bandai Namca Entertainment Inc. We will also bring you a short and simple yet a comprehensive tutorial on how you can download the APK file on your Android device.

Dragon Ball Legends APK 1.5.2:

In the latest Dragan Ball Legends APK 1.5.2 update many of the content within the game have been update along with plenty of bugs which were making minor problem in the game have been fixed. One of the main issue which was causing problems when mathing with a ghost player AI, an error was occuring of character selection can not be selected has been resolved. In the issue the battle would being with 3 upper characters in the game by itself after the selection time was up. And you weren’t able to select anyone. So after downloading this update you won’t be facing this issue anymore. The feature for matching players with rating battles have also been revamped.

In a recent upate Dragon Ball Legends 1 on 1 action game in which you fight with your opponent players which can be from all around the World. It a high quality game with 3D stages and its character also can voicing feature. You get to plan you battle by easily contorting your selected fighters. You can attack with some thrilling combos and action packed moves as easily as with help of your fingers.

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You get to have real time battles against fighters from across the World so you better be expecting some real tough competition. You better get all your powerintact to fight with various techniques and strategies.

The very latest update of Dragon Ball Legends APK 1.5.2 was just released and we bring you the APK file exclusively along with a comprehensive step by step instructions tutorial for downloading it onto your Android devices. So let’s get started without any further delay.

Step by step instructions download Dragon Ball Legends APK 1.5.2:

Step 1: First of all Download Dragon Ball Legends APK 1.5.2 for Android from link below.

Download Dragon Ball Legends APK

Step 2: Uninstall any older version of the said game in your smartphone.

Step 3: Copy the APK downloaded file on your smartphone.

Step 4: Go to Settings >> Security >> Allow unknown sources for installing APK files from other sources.

Step 5: Start the installation process by tapping on the downloaded APK file.

Step 6: Run Dragon Ball Legends APK app after completion.

That’s it. You should have the latest update of Dragon Ball Legends APK installed on any of your Android device.

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