Snapchat just released 10.13.2 IPA version on 27th July for iOS devices. Snapchat is the beast of an app that lets you share and update others on your day to day life activities and stories and that is not all. The updates keep coming for this amazing app to improve the user experience by adding more interesting and titillating features to the said app.

Recently the update has been rolled out and now you can make a link between an individual snap and a website and for that you will see an icon of a paperclip. The users will swipe up for the attached link to be viewed and this will be on the app’s internal browser. For the website link to be added on a snap, the users will see a Toolkit icon for the very purpose.

It’s not only that but with the recent update you not only can add but also remove things such as if you wish to remove something in the background of your snap, Scissors icon will be there so you could cut out the piece of the background you wish to be replaced by something else. The users, now, can also remix their voice in a snap with the Voice filters.

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We bring you an exclusive tutorial on how to download and install the latest Snapchat++ IPA onto your iOS device without the need of having the phone jailbroken. Let’s get you started on the tutorial so. 

How to install Snapchat++ iPA on iOS without jailbreak:

Step 1- Uninstall previously installed Snapchat app on your iPhone.

Step 2- Download Snapchat++ iPA from the link below.

Download Snapchat 10.13.2

Step 3- Download Cydia Impactor on your personal computer. 

Step 4- Open Cydia impactor after connecting your device with the computer.

Step 5- Drag and drop the downloaded file of Snapchat++ iPA onto Cydia impactor.

Step 6- Provide your Apple account details for verification purpose before further actions.

Step 7- Installation shall begin on your device and once completed you will see Snapchat’s icon on your device’s screen.

Step 8 Now go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and locate the profile with your Apple id and then tap on the Tr-ust button.

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