The best part about possessing an Android smartphone is, as we have mentioned many times, the customization aspect which allows the users to modify the settings, display, apps, OS and whatnot. Here we are going to discuss about the third-party keyboard apps that can be downloaded and installed and you are always at liberty to go back to the stock keyboard or may be install another keyboard app for a different experience.

There is a goliath of third-party keyboard apps from which you can choose to your own liking and requirement and the process is the same for each one of them. So let’s get started and we won’t be taking any particular app as an example but we lave it to you whichever you would want to download and install.

How to download and install third-party keyboard app on your Android device:

Step 1- First of all you will have to download a third-party keyboard app of your liking from Google Playstore.

Step 2- Next you will have to go to Settings >> Languages and Input.

Step 3- There you will see the ‘Keyboard and input methods’ and you ought to tap on ‘Current keyboard’ under that section.

Step 4- The option ‘Choose keyboard’ will appear and you will have to tap on it.

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Step 5- Next you will have to tap on ‘New keyboard’ (the one you have downloaded in Step 1) for setting it as you default keyboard.

Step 6- An attention prompt shall appear on the phone screen and if you would like to continue you ought to tap on ‘OK’.

Step 7- You will notice that the switch beside the keyboard would change to green from gray indicating that the app has been installed and set successfully.

Step 8- Lastly you will have to go back to the Language and Input methods screen and again tap on ‘Current keyboard’ and again selecting the ‘New Keyboard’.

You shall confirm the successful installation and setup of your new keyboard by writing a message or note for further contentment. 


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