Saigon Jailbreak is a blessing for the iPhone users who have their devices running on iOS 10.2.1 and they have waited a long time for the latest update. This is not a jailbreak that you can directly download and install on your iOS devices running 10.2.1 iOS version, but you have to use Cydia Impactor for doing so.

The latest Saigon Jailbreak has just released it latest iPA update version Beta 2r1 for iOS 10.2.1 iOS devices. The jailbreak is out and about and you can download and install it on your iOS devices with 10.2.1 version running on them by following this short yet comprehensive tutorial that we have assembled.

The latest update comes with plenty of new feature including lots of bug fixes from the previous update. It is based on beta so it will always have some minor bugs which wont be harmful and will always be fixed in next update. Apart from that the camera of iPhone running iOS 10.2.1 were not working properly after installing the Saigon Jailbreak, but it has been fixed in this latest update. It now supports 6s Plus, iPad Mini  and iPad Air 2. Sandbox escaping is slightly been made better with this update. An option has been added where you can reinstall Cydia by holding Jailbreak button and then tapping at it again. You can also see device model and version in this latest update. 

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 Saigon Jailbreak Beta 2r1 Currently supporting these iPhones:

  1. iPod Touch 6 (10.2.1)
  2. iPhone SE (10.2.1)
  3. iPhone 6/Plus (10.2.1)
  4. iPhone 6s/Plus (10.2.1)
  5. iPad Mini 4 (10.2.1) (Not tested)
  6. iPad Air 2 (10.2.1)
  7. iPhone 6s (10.3.1) (not yet)

Let’s get you straight into the tutorial on how you can download this exciting new Saigon Jailbreak IPA update on to you iOS 10.2.1. running devices. 

How to install Saigon Jailbreak Beta 2r1 IPA on iOS 10.2.1 devices:

Step 1- Download Saigon Jailbreak Beta 2r1 iPA from the link below.

Download Beta 2r1 IPA Update

Step 2- Download Cydia Impactor on your personal computer. 

Step 3- Open Cydia impactor after connecting your device with the computer.

Step 4- Drag and drop the downloaded file of Yalu Jailbreak iPA onto Cydia impactor.

Step 5- Provide your Apple account details for verification purpose before further actions.

Step 6- Installation shall begin on your device and once completed you will see Yalu Jailbreak icon on your device’s screen.

Step 7- Now go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and locate the profile with your Apple id and then tap on the Trust button.

That’s it. You have successfully Installed Saigon Jailbreak on your iOS 10.2.1 device. Happy Jailbreaking!!

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