The methods of payments are changing day by day. It’s getting easier and easier to pay in retail shops or online. With PayPal transactions online, where you won’t need to go through all the old time hassle of taking your debit/credit card out of your wallet and write down all the information, you simply type your PayPal ID and off you go. Similarly things are changing with paying in retail shops with new technologies coming in. Android Pay is the prime example of that. You wont have to take you card out and insert pin or sign a receipt or on the other hand no hassle of having cash in your wallet all the time. Simply grab your Android device, which is already in your hands most parts of the day, and tab it on the payment device and that’s simply it. 

Android pay has been around for quite some time. You save all your bank details in your Android pay app and you will be hassle free at check points after that. This method is very secure as it keep your information save, and your debit/credit card or account number is never shared. We have brought you the latest APK1.24.156938877 and a simple and easy guide of how to download it onto your Android devices. The APK has just been released in different types. You will need to see apk faqs to figure out which one is right for your specific device. It will work for as old as Android KitKat version of the operating system. And for the downloading part we have got your covered.

So lets get started then.

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How to download Android Pay APK1.24.156938877:

Step 1- Download the latest Android Pay APK1.24.156938877.

Step 2- Once download completes, copy the APK on your Android device.

Step 3- Go into your device’s Settings >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources to allow APK installation from other sources. 

Step 4- Start the installation by clicking on the APK file.

You will have the latest Android Pay APK update installed in your mobile when the installation finishes.

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