The new update from MoKee Open Source has been released for Sony Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone which was released back in 2015 on Android Lollypop operating system and then was upgraded to Nougat 7.1.2. AOKP Nougat Custom Firmware is based on Android Nougat 7.1.2 and has exciting new features for Sony Xperia Z5 users in particular. AOKP Nougat is a fine ROM with quite stable and useful features and it has been updated with some common issues by some users and other tweaks have been done too to make it user friendly and to help enhance your device’s performance. 

AOKP ROM was our favorite some time back, it came with numerous features and versatility. It’s several customization options such as wallpaper selector, theme choose makes it the best ROM. It is perfect if you want to look for a completely new look for your phone.

Every theme will transform your phone into something different and unique. We are sure you would enjoy using every one of these themes. AOKP ROM gives a complete android feel and in this article, we will teach you how to install AOKP.

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Lets get you start so with this update with some important steps you should take before the installation process begins. 


  1. This update will delete all your data so make sure to back up.
  2. The Sony’s personal computer companion won’t be able detect your device after you install this update.
  3. AndroidiOS pack will not be help responsible if something goes wrong with your device during or after the update. 


  • 1- Make sure you fully backup your data on your Sony Xperia Z5. As this update will wipe all your data from your device.
  • 2- Download Sony USB Drivers.  
  • 3- Make sure you device has a custom recovery installed. 
  • 4- Your device’s bootloader has to be unlocked. 
  • 5- Dalvik Cache wipe is helpful for performing from the recovery mode. 
  • 6- You also have to have ADB and Fastboot downloaded on your personal computer. 

Essential Downloads:

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How to update Sony Xperia Z5  with AOKP Android 7.1.2 ROM

Step 1- First of all download both files mentioned in essential download on to your personal computer. 

Step 2- Extract zipped ROM file titled boot.img and save it separate on your person computer. 

Step 3- Connect your Sony Xperia device with your personal computer using a USB cable.

Step 4- Copy paste both the files you downloaded in first step onto your Sony Xperia’s SD card and not in any of your device’s folder.

Step 5- Copy the file you extracted in 2nd step titled boot.img and past it into directory of android-sdk-windows\platform-tools.

Step 6-Turn your Sony Xperia Premium off.

Step 7- Next press and hold onto the Volume up button for enabling Bootloader mode which will turn your phone screen blue when enabled.

Step 8- Locate the directory of android-sdk-windows\platform-tools in your desktop and press Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt in which you should type ‘fastboot flash boot boot.img’ and press Enter.

Step 9- Next type this command and press Enter again. ‘fastboot reboot’.

Step 10- Lastly you should long press the Volume up/down key until the phone’s screen turns a color other than blue for entering into Recovery mode.

That’s about it. You have download AOKP Android 7.1.2 ROM onto your Sony Xperia Z5 device. 

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