The most popular OS for smartphones, at the moment, is Android and the best part about Android is that you can modify and develop your OS at your own risk though, but also at your own will and requirement. Google is very well aware of this fact and that is why it has gone to extreme lengths making developing as easy and uncomplicated as possible for the users.

Android Software Development Kit or Android SDK is the tool that you need to download and install in order to sharpen your hands at developing the Android OS. Android Studio is the one-stop-shop for the developers with high fidelity specs such as the very said Android SDK, magnificent IDE and virtual machine manager. But before getting started you need to have a few requirements fulfilled.

The only pre-requisite in this particular situation is that your computer should have Java development kit for the recent version on Java 7. Java 8 is useless in the downloading and installing of Android Studio but that doesn’t mean you are to uninstall Java 8. Both the versions can be installed on your computer and it won’t make the machine go crazy. Windows, Linux, Mac all the OS’s are compatible and the credit goes to Google without a doubt.

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How to download and install Android Studio for SDK:

Step 1- First of all you have to download the Android Studio in the C:\ drive of your computer.

Step 2- Next you are supposed to follow the prompts as they appear.

Step 3- The only thing to remember is to tick the checkbox for intimating the installer that you want Android SDK installed too.

Step 4- You will also have an Android platform to develop with when the Android Studio would be getting installed. And you are good to go.

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