We understand how devastating it could be for an iOS user to miss one of the most epic games Fortnite Mobile. Many iOS users are able to download Fortnite IPA, however, those who live in the restricted regions are unable to enjoy the game. Nonetheless, they don’t have to worry. We did come up with a solution to download Fortnite IPA outside the supported region.

For those who are unaware of Fornite Mobile, it is the official version of the Fortnite IPA game available on consoles and PC. iOS users can now enjoy this amazing game on their iPads and iPhones. However, you need to get an invitation in order to play the game. Despite getting an invite you might have to wait as the game is made public region by region. So, it means not all iOS devices will be able to enjoy the game right away. Nonetheless, we do have the Fortnite Mobile IPA available for you to download right away.

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How to download Fortnite IPA

The phenomenal game is made available for people living outside the supported region. Let’s head to our step by step instructions guide without any further delay.

Step 1- First thing you have to do is download the Fortnite IPA from here.

Step 2- Next step you will have to download Cydia Impactor.

If you already have that on your iOS device, great else, you should download it.

Step 3- After you have both the things on your iOS device, you just need to sideload it using Cydia Impactor.

For people who have jailbroken phone, they can get AppSync to do the job.

Step 4- Once the app is sideloaded, you will be able to enjoy it on your iOS device just like any other random app.

For people who have the invite and they have already signed up, but live in the restricted region. We believe this to be the perfect solution. There is no need for you to wait any longer for this battle thriller. In case you don’t have any invite you will have to ask your friend a favor.

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