With iOS 7, a feature called the background app refresh was introduced. iPhone, iPad, and iPod supported this feature. It refreshes the app even when it is closed so that all the new content is available on the app once you launch it. This also decreases the launch time of the app as the updated content is already being incorporated into the app and you don’t need to wait for it to get refreshed.

Problems with Background App Refresh

For some, this might be very effective and useful, but for people who have a tight monthly cellular package, this can be troublesome. This feature can consume away most of their internet package without them knowing.

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The second problem some user face when they have enabled this feature is that their battery is drained quickly. No matter how careful they are with it, it still disappears. The reason being that every now and then a new app is being launched in the background, it is being refreshed and this consumes battery.

How to disable Background App Refresh Feature

Below we have listed the steps.

  1. Head to Settings app on your iOS device i.e. iPod, iPad or iPhone that has iOS 11 or later.
  2. Not look for general and tap on it. From there tap on the Background App Refresh.
  3. On the Next Window again tap on the Background App Refresh option.
  4. You will be the option listed below and you can select accordingly.

a. Off- It means you will disable every app from fetching data in the background.Wi-Fi- This means the apps will be able to fetch data when your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi.

b. Wi-Fi- This means the apps will be able to fetch data when your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi.

c.Wi-Fi and Cellular Data- It means the apps will get refreshed on both Wi-Fi as well as Cellular Data. By default, this option is enabled.

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