Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ were the most anticipated flagships and the most talked about smartphones of 2017 and even after almost three months of release they are still going strong. The magnificent combination of deadly hardware and software and other uber features, this flagship is bound to get the reception whole year round that it truly deserves.

With all the pros there are always certain cons that would want you to take steps to amend the situation. For instance, the devices are swarming with bloatware that is only using up your space and nothing else. There are many an app which are sitting in your Galaxy S8/S8+ and they have no literal use to you but to keep your RAM stuffed all the time. This can and will slow down your smartphone eventually and then lead the situation to a more drastic conclusion.

However, getting rid of the bloatware is not that simple because if you delete one wrong app, it can make your smartphone dysfunctional or weird. It is a safe bet to do so by using the paid app Package Disabler Pro which has been priced at only $ 1.49. The issue still remains intact that disabling a wrong boatware app would cost you the integrity of your smartphone so XDA developers have devised a way of disabling bloatware apps without compromising you device’s health.

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How to debloat Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

Step 1- First off you have to download the Bloatware Remover File for Package Disabler Pro.

Step 2- Next you have to download and install Package Disabler Pro and PDP Engine (free of cost).

Step 3- After the installation, you ought to open the Package Disabler Pro from your device’s App drawer and select ‘Import from XML’ in the three dot menu icon.

Step 4- A pop-up will show and you have to tap on ‘Select’ and file browser menu will appear. You have to find the bloatware-disabler XML which you had downloaded in Step 1.

Step 5- Select the required file and tap on ‘Import’ and your work is done here. Your phone shall be bloatware free in a while.

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