The Mail app on Mac, which is a built-in app, is set to download all the e-mail attachments, that you receive on your Mac, by default. This is automatically going to take up storage space on your device and leaving you with limited space because of the saved files that you might not even need in future or even at present. 

You can easily get rid of the auto-downloaded and auto-saved e-mail attachments in your Mac by following this short yet comprehensive guide. Just to make things clear, this guide will let you delete only the e-mail attachments that have been downloaded and saved in your Mac automatically. Any e-mail attachment that you may have saved in any folder or drive of your Mac yourself will not be deleted or removed or moved.

Depending on for how long you have had your Mac, the storage space could be drastically clogged and in need of breathing properly. With the owners of old laptops, it is more eminent that you rid your device of the non-required files.

How to delete auto-downloaded and auto-saved e-mail attachments from Mac:

Step 1- First off you will have to launch a Finder window.

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Step 2- Next you shall type in ‘Mail downloads’ in the search bar and press ‘Enter’.

Step 3- When it is located, you shall open the ‘Mail downloads’ folder.

Step 4- Sub-folders will appear and you shall select all of them and delete them.


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