We’ll start with a warning for this article. Rooting can affect the security and safety of your device, and you might not be able to claim your phone warranty in case of any mishap. So Go through these cool and some of the Best Android hacks below which we compiled for all your non rooted Android smartphones and try your favorite ones to customize your device according to your taste.

Here we are once again to give the coolest and best Android hacks of 2018 and these cool hacks can be done without rooting your Android smartphone. Android smartphones are being used by billions of people presently for their user-friendly software and cool features. Previously we’ve been discussing many Android hacks but those were for the rooted Android smartphones and now we are back with Android hacks for the non rooted devices. 

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1- Add soft-button keys on Android smartphone:

Adding soft button keys on Android is one of the coolest and best Android hacks we have. Some of the Android smartphones don’t have the soft-button keys because they don’t need it. You can still add these keys to your device very easily. Simply download and install the “Back Button(No root)” application on your device. Add these soft-button keys to the app and activate them. Enjoy the change through this cool Android hack. You don’t even have to root your Android smartphone for this purpose.

2- Set multiple ringtones:

Talk about best Android hacks, Setting multiple ringtone would have to be one of them. You don’t have to be confused in choosing the best one from the collection of favourite ringtones. This Android hack allows you to set multiple ringtones on your Android smartphone. Simply download the app “Random Ringtones” and add multiple ringtones to it from your collection and the app will shuffle them on every incoming call. But you need to allow the app to make changes in the system first.

3- Get Linux on Android smartphone:

Android smartphones don’t allow Linux to be downloaded without rooting. You can’t even download a single Linux file without it. “GNURoot”, however, is an application that allows you to download Linux files on your Android smartphone and that too without rooting your device. This application creates a fake Linux running platform and allows you to download the files easily. The app will guide you about how to get Linux during the process of downloading.

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4- Add Night Mode for better vision:

If the bright light from your phone screen irritates your eyes you have a solution for it now. Add a new feature i.e. Night Mode to comfortably enjoy your phone in the dark. Applications like “Night Mode” and “Dimly” etc. allow you to try this Android hack on your Android smartphone. These applications have different modes and settings according to your eye comfort. They will ask you about the brightness and light you want on your phone screen in the dark. Modify the Night Mode with different options accordingly to your standards.

5- Playing YouTube in background:

Every user of Android smartphones wishes to play the YouTube videos in the background. We have an Android hack for you to play these videos in the background and enjoy using your Android smartphone. Applications like “Awesome Pop-up Video” and “FlyTube” give you the pleasure of playing YouTube videos in the background of another application. You simply need to download these applications and they will give you the list of YouTube videos. Simply search any YouTube video you want to watch and play in the background as you want.

6- Use the Cortana on your Android smartphone:

Cortana from Microsoft helps you search anything want on the internet easy and fast. You just need to give voice commands to Cortana to search anything.

It works exactly like the Google Go. All you need to do is to download the Microsoft Cortana app and login with your Microsoft account and your Cortana Microphone will be created. Press the Home button of your Android smartphone and tap Cortana Microphone to give commands about whatever you want to search.

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7- Use Android smartphone as PC Monitor:

Your Android smartphone screen is not just an ordinary screen but you can turn it into your PC Monitor as well. Download the iDisplay application on both your PC and Android smartphone and connect both through the app and use your smartphone screen as the PC Monitor.

8- Control one Android smartphone with another Android device:

All the Android devices at your house can be remotely controlled be one another. You can one device with another one and the chain goes on. Multiple applications like RemoDroid, Team Viewer and Tablet Remote etc. on the Google PlayStore allow you to control one Android smartphone with the other one. Download these applications and connect as many Android devices you want to control with one another and enjoy all the devices at once.

9- Use WiFi and Mobile Data at once:

Android smartphone users always have problems using the mobile data and WiFi at the same time. The problems multiply when the WiFi connection goes off due to certain reason and you have to turn on the mobile data to stay online. Download the apps like “Super Download” and “Speedify” to use the mobile data and WiFi all at once to enhance the speed of the internet and faster downloads. This way if the WiFi goes off you will still be online because the mobile data is already on.

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