In case if you ever visit to Chinese sites like AliExpress or Gearbest, you will discover a lot of helpful and cool accessories for your iPhone. For iPhone 5s user, one such especially helpful kit is the “iPhone 7 mini” kit which changes your iPhone 5s into iPhone 7. The size would be slightly smaller than the actual iPhone 7, but it will exactly look like iPhone 7 as far as the interior is concern.

These kits can normally be bought between $25-$40 and change your iPhone 5s to resemble a matte dark “iPhone 7 mini”. The kits are also accessible in different colors like red and blue, in case you are not a big fan of black color.

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Putting the kit on your iPhone 5s will take you around two or three hours and different tools, however in the event that you do not have a good idea of how things work with mobile hardware, you can actually end up ruining your mobile so be careful while installing the kit. Best thing is to take it to a professional and let him have it installed.

According to Reddit user “igenno, the kit uses a specific aluminium which is very similar to the one Apple used in it’s recent flagship mobiles iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which makes your iPhone 5s look hot. 

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There are couple of downfalls of this kit. First is that you the reception might falls down from 10-15 percent after you apply this kit on iPhone 5s. It also does not use the 2.5D curved glass on you iPhone 5s, so swiping from the edges of your mobile could annoying for you.

Since the iPhone 5s and iPhone SE have a similar design and measurements, the kits for iPhone SE be purchased as well on these websites.

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