Huawei is known for producing mid-range Android that offers features incorporated in high-end smartphones. Their phones are reliable, in the budget and classy. They have introduced a number of mobiles but their recent flagship device- Y7 Prime, is worth mention here. The device is designed to compete with the Plus series or renowned mobile developers such as Samsung Note, or iPhone Plus. Huawei Y7 Prime has a big screen with outstanding features. In you are searching for a phone with a smaller screen, we suggest you have a look at Huawei Y5. It is another excellent phone by the company.

Deciding which phone to buy is often a complex task, as you would like to have everything in one phone. This might not be possible, but Y7 Prime does come near to being almost perfect. You will almost everything that you want in this phone. Let’s have a look at the complete review of this phone.

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Hardware and Design

The phone comes with a metal black and the most prominent color is the matte black. However, you can opt for other colors as well depending on your geographical location. The finger sensor is located at the back of the phone right under the camera and there is not front flash. Also, the phone has an LCD instead of the OLED panel. But with the price, it is a pretty good bargain. You will love watching movies or playing games on this massive size screen. Despite being LCD, the quality of the screen is pretty good and satisfying.

The phone does not any buttons on the screen and it comes with dual SIM option. It offers 32 GB inbuilt memory and you can expand it too. But you can’t use 2 SIMS and a memory card at the same time. One of the SIM tray works as an external memory storage socket. The phone comes with 3GB RAM and 435 Snapdragon processor. Both these things ensure that the phone runs smoothly.


The phone comes with a 12-megapixel camera having f/2.2 aperture. WE agree that the camera is low on the modules, but it did manage to pull out some decent shots. The phone works pretty well during the day, however, the quality of the picture does decrease in low light scenarios.

Likewise, the front camera is of 8-megapixel, this is pretty good for taking a selfie. Also, when compared to other mid-ranged Android this is the best catch you can have when it comes to front cameras.

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Connectivity, Memory, and Battery

Like we told you above you can either use 2 times at one time or insert an external memory card. The phone comes with 32 GB built in memory and 3GB RAM. When it comes to the battery the phone has an outstanding 4,000 mAh battery. The battery has the ability to go on for quite some time. You can use the phone without charging for about 1.5 to 2 days provided you have kept the screen of your phone in low light.


The phone comes with the latest Android  7.0 and EMUI 5.1. The software experience is a plus with Huawei Prime Y7. The interface is full of colors and it is pretty attractive. Royal Huawei users know that there is no App drawer on EMUI and all the apps are placed on the home screen. But luckily, they can sort them in folders. Additional features that stand out include the gestures on the fingerprint scanner.

All and all it is safe to say that Huawei Prime Y7 is among the best mid-range Android phones that you can get your hands on. The phone offers some amazing features, outstanding battery life, and amazing camera. It is big and beautiful! You tend to get way more when compared to the price that you are paying.

Here are specifications chart for Huawei Y7:


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