iPhone is a smartphone that comes with several inbuilt features to further enhance user experience. When it comes to keyboards, iPhone offers you a plethora of helpful options. You can switch between 2 different keyboard layouts, install third party keyboards or even use inbuilt international keyboards.

This is useful as many users prefer using different keyboard layouts instead of the standard inbuilt one. The international keyboard supports a number of layouts and it lets you type text in different languages including Asian Languages and languages that start from right to left. In this article, we will tell you all there to know about iPhone keyboard layouts.

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Keyboard Layouts:

You can switch between AZERTY and QWERTY layouts when you are using the standard English keyboard on your iPhone. The names are based on the first six top left characters.

QWERTY is the most common layout and it was created for Glidden and Sholes typewriter. Remington bought this back in 1873, although it has been years now, this layout still remains in popular demands.

For Latin-based languages, AZERTY keyboard layout is used whereas the standard English layout is QWERTY. The AZERTY layout is meant for France, iPhone there comes with this layout. QWERTY, on the other hand, is used in Germany and Central Europe.

When you try to change the format of your Keyboard, you also tend to switch the Autocorrect feature and the dictionary that is used for predictive text. In some cases, change in layout might also change the number of letters that you can see on the screen.

The good news is that you can change the layout from both the hardware keyboards that you have attached with your Apple devices or you can change the layout of a software keyboard.

Changing Stock Software Keyboard Layout Option:

  • Go to Setting on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Now look for General and tap on it, from there you need to select Keyboards and again tap on Keyboards option.
  • A list of available keyboard languages will be brought forward, you can select the one you want. To further adjust the keyboard to your liking, start with selecting the desired layout, then tap on the language option to select a different layout.

The important thing to remember here is that not all keyboards let you use a different layout.

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Change the Physical Keyboard Layout:

You can use a wireless with your iPad, iPod or even with iPhone. To adjust the layout of this physical keyboard, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings of your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.
  • Then you have to tap on General and from there look for the Hardware Keyboard option.
  • Tap on it and select your desired layout.

NOTE: Your physical keyboard should be paired with your device before you change its layout.

Remember: There are different ways through which you can pair your physical hardware to your device, first you can use a USB Cable and second you can use a Bluetooth.

Adding iPhone Keyboard dictionaries

Any Apple device comes with a default U. S dictionary. This dictionary can define words, translate other words into English without the need for additional software.

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With your Apple device, you can enable the custom dictionary even though you don’t use the keyboard in that language. For instance, you generally use English dictionary, but you also have enabled French, you will be able to chat with your friends using the French dictionary as well.

Go to Settings>General>Dictionary and choose the dictionary that you would like to install and tap on it. Wait till iPhone finishes the download.

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