For years, we have been hearing this that it is not possible for the all four major U.S. carriers to offer unlimited data plans as they did not have the technology to maintain the quality of their service. But it seems that the companies have finally managed to come up with something that allows them to offer unlimited data plan to their consumers all while maintaining the quality of their services.

Best Unlimited Mobile Data Plan

First, we will let you know what each company is offering along with their prices and other package plans. Then we will get to the unlimited data plans.


AT&T America Mobile Data Plan unlimited data plan united states america

For a single line, if you opt for the unlimited Plus, you would have to pay $90. For unlimited choice in which the data speeds are capped at 3M/s, you have to pay$60. Likewise, for two lines, it’s $145 for Unlimited Plus and $115 for Unlimited Choice. For additional lines, you have to pay $20 each and wearables are for $10.

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There are other Unlimited Plus plans offer by AT&T, however, they are very expensive, but they do come with a number of perks that are worth mentioning.

  • 10 GB mobile hotspot.
  • For DirecTV services, you get $25 monthly credit.
  • Free Roam North America feature along with unlimited data, text, talk in Mexico and Canada.
  • Advanced Messaging between phones that are compatible with AT&T Network.

The important thing to remember is that these plan charges do not include taxes regulatory fees and a number of other costs.


Sprint America Mobile Data Plan unlimited data plan united states america

For single price line, you get to pay $50, for two lines it is $90 and additional lines, you pay $24 each for phones and tablets.

The unlimited Freedom Plan of Sprint also come with some extra features such as

  • 10 GB mobile hotspot.
  • You can screen unlimited music up to1.5 M/s
  • 8M/s unlimited data for games
  • Unlimited data for streaming videos up to 1080p

The taxes and other expense are not part of the costs mentioned above.

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America Mobile Data Plan unlimited data plan united states america T Mobile Mobile Companies Mobile Networks

For a single line, you would pay $70, for two lines it is $100 and for the third, it is $40 but after that, each line is for $20. There are other features that are offered by T-Mobile, we have listed them below for you.

  • 10 GB mobile hotspot.
  • Unlimited HD videos and music streaming (This offer is limited only to the US and it is time limited offer)
  • Unlimited texting on enabled flights along with an hour of free Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi.
  • Unlimited data, text, talk in Mexico and Canada.
  • Offer 200MB of roaming data/month.

In May 2017, T-Mobile has come up with a scheme that lets you add a third line for free, provided you have two more lines on the same account. We are not sure when this feature will end, but you can enjoy it as long as it lasts. Also, the above rates do not include taxes and other expense.

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America Mobile Data Plan unlimited data plan united states america Verizon Mobile Companies Mobile Networks

For single line the price is $80, for two lines it is $140. If you have three lines it is $160, for four phones it is $180 and then $20 per month for Tablets. Other connected devices are $5/month.

Below are the things that you tend to get as added feature for your money

  • Unlimited texting and calling to and from Mexico and Canada.
  • Unlimited streaming of HD video. (These videos are optimized for lower data usage)
  • 10 GB mobile hotspot.

The prices mentioned above do not include the taxes and other fees that are charged by the respective mobile carriers.

The Best Unlimited Wireless Plan

We have taken features, coverage, and price in consideration before coming to this decision. According to our analysis, we believe that T-Mobile offers the best unlimited Plan in the U.S.

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Coverage: T-Mobile might not offer coverage in the rural area, but it does offer where most of us live. If you are looking for a full coverage plan, you should check out Verzion.

Added Cost and Prices: When you add up the extra costs, we double there is going to be much difference between Sprint and T-Mobile until you have three or more lines. Sprint is cheaper, but when T-Mobile picks up tabs on all those fee, it does make a difference.

International Calls: When you add calling outside the country to your bill, it does go high, but T-Mobile offers roaming data, texts, and calls in all North America, which is a big plus.

We can safely say it that T-Mobile is the bet for the unlimited plan at the moment. However, since it is a competitive market, the prices and plans will change over time.

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