Every smartphone you use has number of characteristics unknown to you and are hidden from inexperienced eyes. One may not be able to find those hidden features if they lack curiosity. Those who have interest, knowledge and are in for something new have chance of finding them. If you’re are impatient and want an online list of some hidden features which are currently deactivated on your device, we have a treat for you here. Here is our list of Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) and Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Tips and Tricks for your convenience.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018)

Deactivate Always On Display mode:

The Samsung smartphones manufacturers have activated the Always on Display mode by default and this feature surely a classical one. The phone display is always “On” showing date, time, battery percentage and notification icons. We promise to fix this irritating function of your phone. All you need to do is go for Always On Display in the Settings app and customize it as you want. You can also completely deactivate the feature if you want to. This trick will also help you save your phone battery.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) and Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Tips and Tricks:

Get to any part of the screen with just one hand using the Home button:

It is nearly impossible to use the Samsung Galaxy J7 to use with one hand because it has 5.5-inches screen and is not a small or compact phone. The manufacturers, having this in mind, made it easy for the users to use the smartphone with one hand. Samsung offers Home button to reach every corner of the screen easily with one hand. Follow this trick to active the Home button: Settings˃Advanced Features˃One-handed use mode˃Touch. You can place the Home button anywhere on the screen by tapping it three times in a row.

Activate the easy/simple mode:

This feature is quite new on Samsung and many people are taking benefit of it while some are ignoring it. The simple mode is being used by many but some technophobes are running away from it. Those who are reluctant to test this feature don’t want their phone screen to be crowded with files, folders and too many shortcuts. They only want a simple mode of their phone display with basic functions. All you need to do is to active the Easy mode on the Display Settings and there you go.

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Test out the hardware:

Narrating the proper the functioning of your device is not that difficult but in case of an accident some tests might be needed to figure out if there’s something wrong. By dialing the code *#0*# on your device you’ll be able to go through some tests about your phone display and touch sensors etc.

Take photos without touching the screen:

You want to take a picture of an object and it isn’t there anymore before you unlock your phone, get to the camera and tap the capture button to take the picture. This happens to almost all of us. Samsung took this into account and now gives you more convenient way of opening the camera app and capturing a photo. On all the Samsung devices including the Galaxy J7, tap the Home button twice and the camera app will open. You can use either of the volume buttons to capture the picture. The simpler the better. The trick is simply provided to save your precious time.

Activate the multi-window mode:

This multi-window mode is very useful and convenient and it is very popular in among the Android users. Shamefully the beginners are not well aware of this amazing trick giving you two applications running on the same screen. Two applications, on left and right sides of the screens, can be displayed at the same time when holding the device in horizontal manner. Go to Settings˃Advanced Features˃Multi-screen˃Activate split-screen display. Open the app afterwards and tap the multi-tasking button to the left of the Home button. You’ll have your screen divided and split into two sections. There will be a blank section on either side of your screen and you can then open and load any app you want in that section.

These Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) and Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Tips and Tricks are not known by all Samsung and you have a chance of being among the first ones to lay your hands on them and dominate others by teaching them how to activate and deactivate these features.

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