Android Ad Blockers For Rooted And Non-Rooted Devices

The Ads seen on websites and apps have an affiliate: They finance the information received while this information reduces the battery of the phones. The truth is that I really do not use an ad blocker when i like the products. I will now show you my unique way of blocking ads on android. Whether or not using a root access will help you to block ads deeply and throughout the system, it is highly recommended to get roots to block ads. Also note that people who do not have root access can block ads too but to a certain extent.

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AdAway: The best adblocker for smartphones

If you get root access on your Android phone, AdAway is the perfect choice for blocking ads. This is based on the use of hosts files, which effectively makes the connections to advertisements on your local phone. This is why ads are not displayed on websites, apps, or games on your phone or tablet. The application includes black and white IP addresses, so if you think an app can show ads you can include it in the whitelist. The good part about AdAway is that it is unique. Then you can change the hosts file. It becomes easy to set it up and in fact it seems to be good for a long time this is obviously great for battery saving.



• Easy setup
• Block ads on websites and apps
• Does not need many resources
• IPs should be included in the whitelist / blacklist outside the normal list.

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Adguard: Ad blocking for non-rooted Android devices.

Several people decide not to root their android phone. For this reason the modification of android is difficult, and limited. With Adguard you can block ads on websites, apps and you can take care of phishing and bad crawlers. Adguard forms a local VPN connection to include ads, crawlers and many of the malicious content. Adguard is the best if you do not have root allowed on your Android device. Since it uses a local VPN connection, the application needs a little more resources compared to AdAway. However, the impact should not be too negative for your Android phone or tablet.



• Easy setup
• Does not support ads and followers on websites and apps
• Parental control options
• Protect from phishing
• Serves on all phones.


• Uses more resources / longer battery life
• Can not be used with browser compression services
• You can not block content on https sites


Last words:

It does not matter if you choose AdAway or Adguard, the two are able to protect your device or Tablet android against ads. Both applications have their advantages; in my view AdAway is the best choice. Eventhough both are efficient at blocking ads most of the time, AdAway simply provides the cleanest, most efficient user experience with the battery. If you can not or do not want to root your Android device, Adguard is a good alternative and will have the same functions of ad blocking.


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