You can enjoy the amazing deal “Buy one and Get one (BOGO) Deal” on Samsung S8 mobiles. It is an attractive offer launched by Samsung to attract customers to their mobiles. Last year, they also launched the same offer for their Galaxy S7 mobiles to get attention of customers for their mobile. Many customers are waiting for such kind of offers to get unveiled this year.

The South Korean giant, Samsung started this offer on its premium phones which is expensive for some customers. But, if you are thinking to gift a premium mobile to your family, friends, and relatives, then this offer is the best offer available for you to grab in the current mobile market. With this offer, Samsung also offers six months free subscription on Netflix to make this package sweeter for their customers.
Samsung offer is too generous for common public and they will refund up to $750 after the activation of their mobile carrier on

But, there are some complaints related to the activation of this offer by the company. Many customers are saying that Samsung is not providing the correct procedure to activate the offer on their current Samsung Galaxy S8 handset.

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In this article, we are going to explain the correct procedure to activate BOGO deal on your newly bought Samsung Galaxy S8.

Activation of your Galaxy S8 carrier into website:

The first thing you should activate is T-Mobile SIM associated with Galaxy S8 on Samsung official website. To perform that, you have to follow the steps as given below:

• First, you have to insert the SIM inside Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
• Go to this page:
• Now, you have to click on carrier button for activation.
• Sign up to create your Samsung account with the help of PIN, billing zip code, and phone number.
• Click on the box of “Agree to Carrier Terms & Conditions”. (of course without reading as always)

After the completion of creating your account on, your BOGO offer will activate in next 24 hours. If your offer doesn’t activate in the next 24 hours, you can contact Samsung customer care to resolve this issue. Remember that do not contact T-Mobile SIM customer care to resolve this issue. Most of the Customer support executives of T-Mobile do not know that Samsung is offering such offer with their handsets.

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It is better to call customer support team of Samsung to get a refund of $750 on your newly bought mobile.
One more thing, if you are having any problem related to getting an access on your Entertainment Kit which consists of 64GB micro SD card, headphones, wallet and 6 months free subscription on Netflix, then you can check their website in which Samsung reports that it can take some time to get the shipment of physical assets associated with Samsung Galaxy S8 in-between mid-July. And the Netflix account activation email will come into your account in next 24 hours after the activation of your account in


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