Samsung Galaxy just came into market a week ago and there have been few complaints already about the new flagship by Samsung. Earlier there was an issue of red tint of its screen, then there came the DQA keep stopping error

Fix The DQA Keeps Stopping Error In Samsung S8

Although the link to our fix of DQA error has been quite successful with most of the S8 users, but some users have still complained about persisting DQA keeps stopping error. 

Samsung has also released a small update to fix the DQA error, which weighs only 943KB and is on the roll at the moment. And again some of the Samsung users might not have received the update notification yet so to help those Samsung has also released an APK file which will fix the DQA error once and for all.

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We bring you the DQA 1.1.13-10 APK for DQA keeping stopping error. 



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