The debate between Android and iOS has been years old. Both smartphones tend to come up with something better every time, however, it seems that Apple is losing the battle. When you dig deep into Android Settings, you will be amazed by all the feature it offers. The ability to customize and Enhance Your Android Phone is way better than iPhone.

Since Android comes in a wide variety of versions, models, and makes, thus it is not possible to cover all the features it offers. Nonetheless, we did come up with a list of things that most android offer, features you most probably are unaware of. So, without any further delay, we should get straight to the point.

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Enhance Your Android Phone by Casting the screen

It has been some time now that you are able to broadcast your tablets or Android Phone display to a bigger screen via Chromecast. This is a pretty handy and amazing feature. Now things have become easier, there is a quicker way to go about all this. You can use the shortcut in the Quick Settings pane.

To access the Quick Settings Pane, all you have to do is drag down from the top screen. Once in the menu, you need to look for the Cast Option. In case you are unable to see that there is another way to go set up mirroring. Start with checking if Google Home App, if you don’t have it, you need to install it. If you have set up Chomecast, you would have used the Google Home App already. Now launch the app and then tap cast audio from its menu. After that, you need to select Chromecast. You will then see the display on the big screen.

Enhance Your Android Phone by Running Apps Side by Side

Android Phones have amazing features, with Android 7.0 users were able to use apps side-by-side. This was very handy especially when it came to optimizing your social networking, displaying photos or multitasking. However, it does lag when it comes to gaming.

To use this amazing feature, you need to first tap on the Overview button, from there select the apps that you want to see side by side. Hold and drag the top of the app bar to either left or right side of the screen. Now you need to select another app that you want to appear alongside the one. Switching between the apps is pretty easy, you need to double tap on the instead of single tap the overview button.

Enhance Your Android Phone by making Images and Text More Visible

Another cool hidden android tweak is that you can make text and images more visible. When you cram a lot of content on the screen, you will have to squint a bit in order to comprehend it. However, due to the hidden android tweak that lets you zoom in and zoom, you don’t have to worry much.

On your Android Phone, you can easily zoom in/out different text and objects. Not every app is going to respond to this feature, but most of them will work well with it. You can even adjust the size of the zoomed in objects. You have to go to Settings app, and then tap on display heading. Once there, look for the font size and tap on it. Here you can change the default font size on your Android Phone.

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Adjust Volume Settings independently

Your Android Phone plays a number of audios including alarms, notification, ringtones and phone calls. There is a way that you can adjust each volume setting in accord with your need. For that you will have to head to Settings, then look for Volume option and tap on it. There you will see individually sliders that will let you adjust the volume of different audio types.

Nonetheless, there is an easier and quicker way to adjust the volume. On the side of most Android Phones, you will find physical volume buttons. You can use them to adjust whatever audio is being played at the time. This effective Android Tweaks 2018, further Enhance Your Android Phone.

Enhance Your Android Phone by Locking Phone Borrowers

This is an interesting tweak, although most of you will be unaware of it. You can actually lock your phone on one particular app. This comes very handy when you have to lend your phone to a family member or a friend and you don’t want them to prey on your privacy. When you pin an app on the screen, they will only be able to use that particular app. To further search the phone, they will have to enter the lock screen code again.

The entire pinning feature is very easy and effective. Go to Settings, and tap on the Security menu. There you will see the Screen Pinning option. Enable the feature, after that launch the app that the other person needs to use. Once done, open Overview and look for the navigation button. Tap on the button, at the right corner, you will see a little thumbtack icon. This icon is for pinning the app.

Enable Chrome Home

Most Android phone users tend to use Chrome as their default browser. For that matter many iPhone users also use chrome. So, this Chrome Android tweak 2018 is very handy. You can make the already outstanding chrome browser better and efficient. For bigger phones, it is very difficult to reach the top of the screen to enter a web address. However, with Chrome home, you will find the address bar at the bottom of the phone and make it very easy for you to enter web addresses.

Launch Chrome and type Chrome://flags in the bar and hit Enter. You will come across a number features some of them enabled and others disabled. You can test these features, but do remember enabling some features might make chrome behave in a different manner.

Now scroll down and look for the Google Home option. Tap on it and enable this option. All you have to do now is to restart the browser twice in order to make the changes take effect.

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