In this article we are exclusively bring you very helpful Android Battery life tips and tricks. Battery timing is one among the most important problems inside the Android nougat market these days. Remove SIM card, switch off Wi-Fi and don’t use it as it’s going to stay there fortunately, working the entire week when charged once. However, use it for something important in a proper way, this is where the issues proceed. So we are providing you with battery saving guide.

It is a quite worrying situation when we get to see the finishing time of modern day smartphones in numbers of hours instead of days, with the same old criteria of first rate battery time being either a cellphone can function a entire operating day with a simple charging.

Well are there any sensible matters you may do to enhance your cellphone’s battery time, aside from simply powering it off, setting it a sock drawer and hoping nobody ever desires to ring you?

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Surely few solutions are there. Truly there’s no way feasible to abruptly increase your Android smartphone’s timing by dealing with some settings, you must be able to get some extra hours of life from even the miserable of batteries without incriminating on overall performance a lot, to improve Android battery.

Here are few smooth, not enough compromising techniques of boosting your Android smartphone’s battery time. These battery saving tips will surely increase Android battery. So let’s finally have a look at these Android battery life tips and tricks

Install and sync on Wi-Fi only:

The first from the list of Android battery life tips and tricks is Installing and Syncing Wi-Fi only on your Android device. If you are an eager Dropbox consumer or depend closely on song syncing offerings, you will be enough benefited from only doing your installation via Wi-Fi. It is massively faster, this means that much less connectivity time in your smartphone and much less stress at the battered antique lithium retain.

Fix the bedtime:

Variety of present day phones characteristic automation equipments, which allow you to switch off the cell phone and Wi-Fi after some time. Placing your smartphone on this kind of prompted pause will store battery, so if your smartphone does not aid desired work, download a setting application like Tasker and switch off all unimportant stuff for night. Or switch to airplane mode. You will sleep peacefully.

Delete unrequired applications:

You may not be sure what’s strolling itself side by, might be some multi-tasking, self-installing, auto-replicating functions in latest Android applications, so try to reduce the possibilities of anything randomly using up entire battery by way of constantly attempting to connect to few non-existent server, by means of deleting any unused or antique applications.

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Switch off Wi-Fi if not required:

In case your cellphone’s constantly  trying to hook up with every Wi-Fi available inside the region then you re losing power. Switch off Wi-Fi when leaving home or when you may not be requiring. A home display toggle will make this convenient. Consider it as few things appear boring however important so you need to do this later too.

Manage yourself:

Applications like Battery doctor will provide you with some good indication of what is actually consuming your cellphone’s battery time than Android’s personal restricted battery time checker, that may point a culprit in draining power time.

Download a toggle widget for brightness:

Set your cellphone to its lowest required brightness as it is the screen that uses enough power. Now put a large brightness excessive/low toggle widget on display that makes you able to see outside in sunlight. Only increase brightness at times you need. Automatic brightness will also help you by using required power and save battery life.

Make use of push notifications when possible:

Android’s personal email software is extremely good and elegant but using it after every 15 minutes is not a good idea for battery power. If mail issuer provides push notification, do consume that like Hotmail application does; it will help consuming less battery and increase battery timing.

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Turn off GPS:

If you are among people who want to tell everyone their activity all time and still use Foursquare, this is the reason why GPS is switched on all time. Switch it off when not required and try using the option of detecting location via Wi-Fi. It’s the most reliable way as Wi-Fi tells if they require GPS.

Keep phone in low temperature:

Working of batteries is excellent at cooler degrees whereas at high temperature, performance is decreased. Avoid keeping cell phone in tight pockets or simply cool it after charging. It might not help much but you can use the saved battery in emergency.

Eliminate haptic response:

Haptic responses should be switched off as it wastes enough battery every time you press any key unintentionally. Manage to use it without physical response.

Keep phone on windowsill:

Little power is dissipated when using strong connection. Rather then placing phone in pocket, keep it near to a strong connection bar.  Keep it near to more connections.

Scrap widgets:

Widgets are important section of Android and is all time on screen with boring pictures of no use; simply draining your battery. So, avoid these to save battery and increase battery life.

I hope these Android battery life tips and tricks will help you to protect and prolong your battery life for long time. 

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