At last, after all the anticipation and anxiety which Android users have to face every year, the official name for the Android 8.0 has been announced and yes, it is indeed, Oreo. People are prone to habits and they are even more prone to observing others’ habits. Google has always been found to have a knack for sweet things hence all the lovely mouth-watering Android names.

When it was Nougat, there had been a lot of speculation that the letter ‘N’ would probably end up giving us Android 7.0 NUTELLA but to most of the people’s surprise, we got the Nougat. But that also does not change the fact that Google would always go for the sweeter side of life. Let’s not steal the thunder from Oreo and keep it all about the Android 8.0 now.


You will have a chance here to have a glance at the major features of Oreo 8.0 and drool over them if you are not good at controlling yourself.

Notifications Channels:

This is a feature that will make life of most of the users very easy. We tend to get bothered by the notifications we receive depending on the time ans situation. This feature will allow the users to put the notifications on snooze and they shall reappear at another time with the same priority as initially the notifications had appeared.

New Emojis:

New and more life emojis like have been added to Android 8.0 by Google since emojis have become a form of conversation where people look for the most appropriate emoji to convey their feeling instead of writing in words. The more real an emoji, the better role it shall play in keeping a chat alive or dead. Skype has very active emojis and we are hoping Google would have done something like that this time.

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Autofill APIs:

Password managers play a pivotal role in an Android phone user’s life and their importance can not be denied at any cost. Recognising the long due importance of these apps, Google has, therefore, added Autofill API in Android 8.0 Oreo. This was the only way for acknowledging the worth of password managers and thus listening to the call of Android users, at last.

Optimised Battery Life:

Google did a fabulous job with Android 7.0 Nougat where it had put restrictions on background running apps to get the maximum out of battery life. But with Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has surpassed itself with narrowing down the boundaries of the apps running at the back and consuming the smartphone’s battery, draining it consequently, way quicker than needed.

Picture-in-Picture for Tablets and Phones:

The worst part of using a smartphone and the best part of using a laptop/desktop was being able to open multiple windows at once and multi task without any difficulty. Google has listened to the pleas of people, yet again, thus introducing the PiP display in its latest sensation. Users will now be able to perform more than one tasks at a time such as chatting with someone and browsing the internet on the device.


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