Echo speakers, Fire tablets and many more such projects had been the brainchild of Amazon’s Lab 126, a team notorious for creating products that would make this world a lazier place to live in. And keeping their reputation up to date, now we are hearing rumours of Amazon’s Alexa robot being dispatched into people’s homes by 2019. Yes, that is what you have heard, iRobot is finally becoming a reality and no wonder the ending might be the same as well for many. Alexa in its virtual form is already of great assistance to the users but saying that it would be transformed into a moving robot holds a deeper meaning and manifold perceptions.

Amazon’s Alexa robot may be just another echo speaker that would carry out more commands and orders or it might be a proper iRobot kind of thing with moving limbs and going from room to room with camera and all the other high technology gadgets fixed in its core to make our lives more sluggish. Trying to make it more family friendly, the news are that the prototype has been named Vesta after the roman goddess of family and home. For now Amazon would be beta testing the robots in its employees homes during some time this year before making it public in 2019.

There is not a lot that could be said regarding the specs of Amazon’s Alexa robot because the company still has not made an official announcement about the hots and nots and pros and cons of this recent project because Lab 126 has scrapped down many projects in the past and it won’t be news if this project, too, goes out the window this year and we never hear of it again. On the other hand, though, people are genuinely excited around the globe to getting fatter, lazier and more technology dependent as if it were not enough already. So all we could do for now is have our fingers crossed and let’s see how things roll out for Alexa and its physical form.

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