Samsung has won the match this year with its, still going extremely strong, latest flagships smartphones; Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ which the users have loved. They are everything you will want in a smartphone and Samsung, as usual, did not disappoint us in any way we can imagine. The flawless design, the high end camera both front and back, the sharp display, the beautiful ratio between size and weight, the battery size and life, the internal storage and RAM, there is nothing that comes to mind in particular signalling towards a faulty or not so high end smartphone but Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes is a real thing.

Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes:

No matter how impeccable a smartphone may be or ever will be, it is inevitable that there are going to be problems here and there and someone, if not from official source initially, would have to come up with a solution or two in order to keep the users in line and refraining them from throwing away an otherwise perfectly alright smartphone. The case with Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes is nothing different. The moment this smartphone went viral around the globe, people started facing and experiencing smaller or some times bigger problems with the phone and this should not come as surprise.

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Although it would be unfair to say that Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes have been a big hurdle in the popularity of the smartphone, on the contrary it only added to its fame. This might seem a little far fetched but it is true nonetheless. People not only go crazy for perfect things but they go crazier to get their hands on imperfect things and then use their own hands to rectify the problems they face in the course of the usage of that device. Where there is an issue, there is a fix and it is very true in this case as well. Now let’s have a look at the problems at hand and their respective solutions.

Number 1- Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes; Display:

(i) Unresponsive screen:

If you have faced this problem then you are probably aware that for no apparent reason the whole screen or a portion of the display screen becomes unresponsive completely, leaving you with no other choice but to try out the solution given below.

Solution: (a) The foremost thing you would have to do is to confirm if your display screen has gone into dead zone for sure by opening the dialler and punching in *#0*# in order to open the hardware diagnostics page. From an array of options, open the Touch option and then start swiping your thumb or finger across every corner of the display screen to make sure if any area is actually unresponsive. If you find it to be not responding to your touch, you can simply go back to the retailer and claim a new smartphone from Samsung company.

(b) In case you do not have a dead zone screen where the display is not actually unresponsive, most probably the problem would be the disabling of the Touch sensitivity. Some times users have screen protectors on the display screen barring them from a better touch response. In this case, all you would have to do is to go to Settings >> Advanced features >> Touch sensitivity and simply enable it.

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(ii) Black images:

This problem has been mainly faced by the users of Galaxy S9+ where if they are watching a video, the darker areas of the video won’t show much detail but only pixelated or black images revealing nothing in particular.

Solution (a): Samsung is going to launch a software pretty soon addressing to this problem in particular and thus releasing the user from any kind of uneasiness. But if you are not a patient enough person then please read below the temporary fix.

(b): Screen Balance is an app available on Google play store and it is the perfect solution until Samsung releases its official software solution. This app allows you full control over the brightness, dimness, sharpness of the screen and thus making the whole experience less tiresome.

(iii) Screen auto-brightness:

This problem has also been reported by quite a few users that their devices tend to get dimmer if they unlock the phone screen in a darker place or say, at night. The main reason of worry for them is that they are sure the have disabled the auto-brightness or night mode options and the like.

Solution: This is happening to those users who have restored their apps from a previous smartphone that was in their use and in that device they had the auto-brightness option enabled. For now, the fix is only to go through factory reset. When you are setting up the system, do not forget to uncheck the ‘restore system settings’.

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Number 2- Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes; Keyboard:

Virtual keyboard plays a pivotal role in operating a smartphone just like a physical one with your computer or laptop. If you do not get a proper keyboard functioning it is almost impossible to work properly on a smartphone where from typing in your password to writing messages and emails, you need the keyboard. No matter how amazing Galaxy S9/S9+ but as we had said earlier, this flagship also has its share of problems and potential respective solutions for them. Many users had reported that they expect the keyboard to pop up swiftly the moment they want to punch in the password of PIN for unlocking the device.

Solution: The problem is not a big one and so is not the solution. All you have to do is to go to Settings >> Apps and you will see three dots on the top right corner of the screen. Click on them and you will see menu for Advanced settings and there among all the options you would have to click on ‘Show system settings’ and then scroll down to Samsung keyboard. Next open the Advanced settings for it and look for ‘Apps that can appear on top’ and grant the permission. This permission needs to be granted even you have installed a third party keyboard app and for most cases this option is permitted by default. But if in your case the permission has not been granted till now, do it now.

Number 3- Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes; 4K video recording:

Who would not be excited to record video on a smartphone, in 4K. Yes everyone would want that and for obvious reasons, the display, the pixels, the speed, the sharpness and much more has been put into this amazing feature of Samsung’s latest flagship but it also has brought some issues with it to the users. Many people have complained that the video stutters or frames drop while making the video and later on the dropped frames appear in the recorded video. Some users might opt for recording a non-4K video but that is not going to be the case with the majority of the people because if you have a feature as great as recording a video in 4K you ought to use it in every way possible. Thus we have two potential solutions for that.

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Solution (a): The main and simple solution of this problem can be to check if your microSD card has the minimum capacity of writing a video in 30MBps. This is the least speed you need if you want to record videos in 4K because of the heavy duty pixels and quality in engages. Some times the users are completely unaware of the health of their SD card and that makes all the difference.

(b): If your SD card is alright as it is then the other fix can be to open the Camera app and go to its settings where you will find an option named EIS (electronic image stabilization) and turn it off. But make sure that when you disable the EIS option, you ought to turn on the HEVC (high efficiency video coding) option in order to keep recording smooth and uninterrupted videos in 4K. Having said all this, in the upcoming update we will most likely be getting a software solution for this very problem.

Number 4- Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes; Notification LED:

This is a very common problem faced by many users who have either Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ and the issue is that notification LED does not perform as it should be. Social apps like Whatsapp offer the users to choose different colours for various conversations, group chats and the like. But the problem arises when the user does not see the chosen colour in the Whatsapp window but only the regular one that is the default theme of the said app. There have been reports from users that in some cases even though the user had chosen different colours for individual apps but the notification LED showed only the standard colour which, naturally enough, would aggravate the user. So, to address this particular issue at hand, we have two potential fixes and here they are.

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Solution (a): If you are facing the problem with the Whatsapp app then all you have to do is to go to Settings >> Apps >> Whatsapp >> Memory >> Clear cache. Then you will have to open the Whatsapp app and go to its settings where you should select the LED colour as None. Now you would have to open the phone’s settings once again and in the Display section turn off the LED indicator and turn it back on again. Last but not the least you shall go back to Whatsapp’s settings and set the LED colour of your choice and it shall work as expected.

(b): For all the other apps to work and appear as you want them to, you shall download and install a third party app with two versions; Light Flow Pro and Light Flow Legacy. Some users have found the Pro version more useful while others thought Legacy was the better choice. You are welcome to try both and we are hoping to get a software fix as soon as the new update gets rolled out.

Number 5- Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes; Edge lighting:

Edge lighting is a beautiful feature because it keeps the screen illuminated at all the right times and in all the right places but what if it is not serving the very purpose it was created and installed in the phone for. Yes, many a user have complained that the edge lighting just won’t work when the screen is off. But this is not the only issue people have come across so far. Some users also said that on their devices, edge lighting would work only in the stock SMS app and nowhere else. We do have few potential solutions to this problem and everyone suits his own needs and free to try out any one or all of them as long as they work and solve the issue.

Solution (a): The easiest fix is if you turn on the pop up notifications for social apps like Snapchat and the like, edge lighting would start working even if your screen is off. But again this does not mean every user would have his problem solved by applying this technique. It is worth the try though.

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(b): Many users, in order to enhance the device’s performance level, simply turn off the Animation duration scale by going into Developer options in the Settings menu and this triggers the Edge lighting problem at times. In order to get the edge lighting getting back to work, you should set the Animation duration scale at 0.5x and the lighting shall work just fine for many users.

(c): Edge Lighting is a paid app which allows you to choose different colours for individual apps and the edge lighting works just fine even with the screen off and all.The drawback here is that this solution is also not a universal one and it does not work with every user’s device. Many people have come forward complaining that the apid for the app but still no luck. And there were some who were happy enough to have paid for the app and got their issue fixed. An official software fix will be the final fix and hopefully it will come out soon.

Number 6- Galaxy S9/S9+ issues and fixes; Connectivity:

The two major sources of connecting yourself, as in connecting your smartphone, with the rest of the world are Bluetooth and Wireless fidelity more commonly known as WiFi. Many users face the problem of not getting connected via BT or WiFi when they buy a new phone and Galaxy S9/S9+ have not been any different so far.

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A lot of people have come forward with connectivity problem either regarding BT or WiFi making it annoying for the user to get hold of the smartphone completely. Because let’s be honest here, who would want a smartphone that does not let you connect wirelessly. So we have compiled a few potential fixes for both the connectivity concerns. You would have to try them out according to your own needs and problems.

Bluetooth issue:

If you are facing connectivity problem with BT only then these options can come in handy, trying one by one, hopefully you will get the hang of it and have your issue fixed.

1- First and foremost thing is to check the instruction manual and then try resetting all the connections that you have made earlier.

2- You can, otherwise go to Settings >> Bluetooth and make certain that all the settings are in accord and you do not have to change or disable/enable any option/setting.

3- Go to Settings >> Bluetooth and deletion of all the previous pairs would be a good idea and try making the pairs again.

WiFi issues:

When the user has a WiFi connectivity issue, that is the biggest reason of all for getting cold chills. Nobody wants to have a smartphone in their hand and simply check the phone’s gallery or go through media files. So in order to save you the agitation, these are a few potential fixes.

1- The most common of all fixes is to turn your device and the router off for a few seconds and then turn it back on.

2- You can also go to Settings >> Power saving and make sure that this option is disabled.

3- You may try and turn off the Hotspot 2.0.

4- You can try going to Settings >> WiFi and tap for along period on it in order to forget it. Enter the details once again.

5- Last but not the least, you can download and install the WiFi Analyzer app in order to check if your channel is too cluttered.

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