Apple has introduced the latest iOS 11 to all most all regions of the world. People are in awe of the updates that come with the upgrade. There are numerous things including Apple’s AirDrop that are enhanced and made better. Features like Note Document Scanners are not part of the iOS 11 update.

More and more people are liking this outstanding update. Despite running smoothly for almost all devices, we noticed that iOS 11 is having some trouble with the AirDrop on some iPad Models.

After upgrading our iPad to iOS 11, the AirDrop button in the control center did not work. Just to clear things out, this is not an update, on the contrary, it is a bug. But thankfully, we did manage to come up with a solution for this problem. The best part is that solution is pretty simple and effective. In this article, we will outline the fix for the problem.

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Disabling Restriction for AirDrop

The problem lies with the Restriction option of the phone. Restrictions are basically parental controls that tend to lock out some features. From our search and troubleshooting so far, we have gathered and this problem occurs when you have enabled the Restrictions before the update. If your Restrictions are enabled and you update, it somehow restricts AirDrop as well, thus blocking the feature everywhere.

You might think it is a big problem, but it is not. To resolve the issue, head to Settings, from there you need to look for restrictions. Tap on restrictions and you will be asked for a passcode, enter the password.

Remember this password is not the code that you use to unlock your device, on the contrary, it is a code that is solely for the Restrictions option. If a message asks for you to enter a PIN, it means that you have enabled the Restrictions option. Now enter the passcode that you used when configuring this feature.

Now look for the AirDrop option and toggle it to ‘On’ position. You can even disable the entire Restrictions feature by tapping on the Disable Restrictions button present at the top of the screen.

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