The emojis, formerly known as emoticons; abbreviation for emotional icons, are an essential part of any conversation taking place on any social media platform or simple text messaging between two people or a group on any smartphone app. No doubt it is far easier in showing your exact emotions through emojis than words and phrases. You can very well deceive others too by not actually posting or sending the exact emoji you are feeling but only the opposite.

The easiest way to incorporate emojis in your day to day conversations is to add the most frequently used ones to your emoji keyboard. This is not a complicated task but you can do it easily with jailbreak in a few simple steps and your iPhone emoji keyboard would have your favourite emojis at your disposal at any time you start a chat. A new jailbreak tweak called ‘FavouriteEmojis’ is out and about and it lets you add up to 30 emojis to your keyboard. It has been mentioned before that most frequently used emojis, as in there won’t be a category named ‘Favourite Emojis’ on your emoji keyboard but the ones that you will mark as ‘favourite’ will be shown under the same ‘Frequently used’ category of emojis.

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The tweak ‘FavouriteEmojis’ is available on Cydia’s Big boss and it is compatible with iOS 10 but it is not a free of cost tweak. The price stands at $0.99 but the people who are avid emoji users would this price highly nominal. All you have to do is to purchase and install the tweak on your iPhone and then go to the Settings and the app’s preference pane where you can disable or enable the tweak as you desire.

You will be allowed to choose a maximum of 30 emojis from the collection and then tap the ‘Save emoji list’ button and lastly press the ‘Apply changes’ button and you are done.


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