Fix For Red Tint Issue In Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

Samsung has just been released and is ready to buy in shops, but Samsung dispatched the Galaxy S8 mobiles to die hard fans who paid extra money to get the latest mobiles before it’s official release. While most users seem to be satisfied with the Samsung flagship, some users reported to have a red tint problem on their S8 screens. 

Samsung gave a statement in Korean Herald, stating that the red tint problem is not a device’s screen affect but the issue could be fixed manually by calibrating the display.

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Now Samsung has given another statement, in which they said that they will be coming up with the software update next week to all Samsung S8 users, which probably will solve the issue. As stated that the update will specifically address the red tint issue which was being complained by some Galaxy S8 users, and will also bring improvements to the device display’s color range. 

The Samsung gave new statement in Koran Herald, 

“Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we decided to upgrade the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients.

We will upgrade the software because of some dissatisfied customers although there is no problem in the phone itself”.

Although in both statement Samsung tried their best to satisfied the S8 users that there is no defect in the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices. Samsung can not afford to have another debacle with another of its flagship device after the Note 7 fiasco last year, loosing billions of dollars.

Take these few easy and simple steps to fix the red tint issue manually:

1- Go to you Samsung S8 setting.

2- Look for device’s display settings.

3- Tab on the display settings, look for “screen color temperature” and tab on the option.

4- Reduce the temperature manually to fix the red tint problem.

These easy steps should fix your red tint problem. The update will be rolling out next week which will automatically fix the red tint issue. 

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