Here, you’ll learn that how to use multiple applications on your Android device simultaneously. This is also called the Split Screen mode which is widely being used because of multitasking these days. This Multi-Window mode feature is highly praised by people as they can do their tasks more quickly. You can also enjoy this split screen mode if you have an Android device which has Android Nougat running on it and plus point is if you have a large screen then this multi window display will double your efficiency and this feature can be enabled in landscape mode too, which is designed for users’ ease.

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This Multi Window mode is not compatible with all Android Apps, because their access is denied. You’ll get the message that “Split Screen is not supported by this app”, one of them is Instagram. This means if you want to use Instagram, you cannot use any other app at the same time.

Steps to Use Multi-Window Mode in Your Android Phone:

There are two ways in which you can use this feature, we’ll tell you step by step how to use it on both ways. These are all simple steps, so the first one is:

1) Using Multi-Window when you are using another application already:

Let’s suppose you are watching some video on YouTube and notification arrives that you have an email. This is where you can view both; your email and video.

Step1: Tap on the button on your device which shows the recent apps.

Step2: See the Gmail icon in recent tabs and long press it.

Step3: Drag the Gmail window in the lower portion of your screen, or if you are in landscape mode, place this Gmail window in the left corner of your screen.

Step4: Now you can see your recent apps button (that was square shaped before) is now turned to two small rectangles, indicating you have multiple apps opened.

Step5: Go to the Full-Screen Mode by long tapping on that double rectangle button.

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