In this guide you’ll read the complete tutorial about how you can use Google Pixel/Nexus 6P always on display without getting into trouble of rooting your device.

This feature was first limited to only Pixel 2 devices but now you can enjoy it on your Nexus 6P too. The always on display feature is very useful to those who constantly have to look for their notifications and have a busy schedule; the problem has been solved by Google, now they don’t have to press their power button every time. This feature has a plus point that it also enables always listen to feature on your phone. So, you can record any song or anything playing around you. This mode was first used by Samsung and now Google has advanced it in its devices further.

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This feature is accessible in first generation Pixel and Pixel XL devices, and you can use it older Nexus 6P by following just a few simple steps and not having to worry about extra permissions.

Pre-requisites to enable Google Pixel/Nexus 6P always on display:

Before using this feature, you should have the following thing installed on your device:

1) Substratum theme

2) Andromeda plugin

3)  Always on Enabler substratum

You can learn how to install these by clicking Here.

Complete Steps to enable Google Pixel/Nexus 6P always on display:

Step1: Select the Always On Enabler overlay by opening the Substratum app installed on your device.

Step2: Here you’ll see the option “select to toggle all overlays”, select it to enable overlays.

Step3: Now click on the button in the bottom right corner, it will pop up some options.

Step4: Select the “Build & Enable” option from the choices given.

Step5: Restart your device to get the desired settings.

Step6: After your phone has been restarted, go to Settings > Display > Advanced. 

That’s it. You have successfully enabled Google Pixel/Nexus 6P always on display.

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