In this guide, you’ll get to know everything about the perform PUBG Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Vault which was introduced in the game’s latest update which is getting more popular each day since Bluehole has released it. With this update, you can enjoy more features and tactics of battle and you can perform a variety of actions. The most amazing one is vaulting in the battleground and making the game more interesting to play.

Before getting started, we should take a review PBUG, which is actually a battle game where a player acts one of the soldiers in a battleground. Here, his aim is to survive in this field for the longest period of time. There are many other soldiers along with different weapons and vehicles which will help them to fight the battle against others and facing other obstacles and stand up as the only one left in the battlefields. This is how you cope up with success.

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Vaulting is another strategy to survive in the environment, as there are some points where obstacles are too high to cross, the player can use vaulting here to climb up that surface.


With the vaulting feature, you can be quicker. When you choose to vault, you can easily and quickly wipe out different obstacles, for example, if you are stuck in a building or have a high wall in front of you, you can choose to vault, it will remove that building and your time will be saved. If you do not choose to vault, you have to move around and look for a door to go out and find other means to escape. As you know speed and skills are keys to win in this game.

How to perform Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Vault:

You can learn how to perform Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Vault in some simple steps:

Step 1: You are escaping from another soldier when the obstacle comes to your way, i.e. a wall or a stone to hope over.

Step 2: Keep pressing the W Key on your keyboard and continue running.

Step 3: When you come closer to the obstacle, press the Space Bar and you’ll jump over it.

Step 4: You can keep your weapon with you while jumping if the hurdle is not too high and with vaulting, you can easily pass through hard to reach objects.

This is all how you perform PUBG Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Vault. You can now enjoy victory by applying the most advanced feature in your battle. Good Luck!

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