Playing PUBG mobile game is challenging and thrilling. Most users are a fan of this game, however recently some users have complained regarding some unknown error. We understand how frustrating it could be for you to face the mobile network error when you are just about to surpass an important hurdle. However, we did come up with a solution to fix PUBG Mobile Network issue on Android devices.

Since the error is pretty common among the PUBG mobile users, thus its solution is also imperative. If you follow the instructions below, you will be able to fix PUBG Mobile Network issue on Android devices. To further aggravate the things, the error does not provide any detail, you have no idea how to go about resolving it. Nonetheless, we do have complete information regarding the error and its fix.

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Resolve PUBG Mobile Network issue on Android devices

Below are the steps that will help you Fix PUBG Mobile Network issue on Android devices.

Step 1: The first thing first, you have to do is load the game and wait for the error to come forward. The game is making the network call but in vain. You are thrown back to the Home Screen of the device and are unable to figure out what just happened. Once you encounter this problem, only then can you see its fix.

Step 2: The Trick here is to download a VPN server. You must be wondering what a VPN server can do. It seems that the Tencent Games are checking the location of the player in order to verify the authenticity of the game’s download. In case they find a player that does not have the location where the game is available, they will throw that particular person out. Therefore, once you download the VPN you will not have to worry, as you will be using a location that allows the game.

Step 3: After the VPN is properly installed on your phone, you should download the PUBG Mobile app. With it, all its related data will be downloaded and you will not have to worry about the random network error anymore.

If you download a game in a region where it is not meant to be, it is bound to throw some errors. All you need to do is be tactful and overcome these errors. This is exactly what we have done here. We hope the article will fix PUBG Mobile Network issue on Android devices

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