Pokemon is not much tough at the start but as you proceed forward, it becomes challenging so you require a little bit of help. You are already provided by the information you require for Pokemon Go but there are rumors for playing the game and tips about it. Don’t bother, we bring you Best Pokemon Go Hacks which require an account and need to sign in for the offers. Pokemon Go secrets can be used from level 22 player for learning mistakes and avoid them, also to know the timer for boosting CP of Pokemon.

In case you are a new player, simply check the following guides that are simply enough to understand the early levels.

Best Pokemon Go Hacks:

Once if you have learned the basic way of playing Pokemon Go, you will require to learn the Best Pokemon Go Hacks from someone who has already done that. In Pokemon Go, Kolrich user is level 22 so he is sharing all his experience for progressing in this game. These Best Pokemon Go Hacks will surely provide a base and the help so that you avoid wastage of Stardust and others.

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Should Stardust be used for raising Pokemon Go CP?

Once Pokemon is catched, urge to increase Pokemon CP along stardust is increased but it should be delayed to level up according to the Kilroch. If you use Stardust early to level up, it will be waste as you will be in need to replace it few levels after. So, try not to use it before level 20 to 25, suggested by Kilroch.

At what time you should claim Pokemon Go Gym Rewards?

When you takeover Pokemon Go Gym, you can take rewards but this can only happen after 21 hours. Kiroch says you should collect all the rewards at end of day to achieve maximum.

At what place you’ll find Rare Pokemon in the Pokemon Go?

Some are finding Pikachu and some are looking for other rare Pokemon. Basic Pokemons can be found in frequent areas, in short they can be found in all populated areas, according to Kolrich.

What is Perfect time for boosting CP of Pokemon?

Doesn’t matters if you boost after or before, according to Kilroch. For boosting 350 Eevee to 450 Eevee you need less stardust than for 900 Jolteon to 1150.

Gym Locations and PokeStops

Currently Pokemon Go uses about 3O% to 50% portals which were in last game of Niantic’s, called Ingress. Gyms and Pokestops are real world location which players enter to pick items and fight the leftover creatures. According to VG247, police is warning to sty away from stations.

What next when Pokemon Go Bag is maximum?

If you are short of Pokeballs and your bag is full, remove Razzberries, potions and revives. At 20th level you require 3 type of Pokeballs and Potions. Kilroch never kept more than 4o revives and 60 potions. After 20th level, You will have CP56 escape Pokeballs.

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Can Lure be used to Stack Incense in Pokemon Go?

For this you should well know the Best Pokemon Go Hacks for attracting more Pokemon to your side. You are able to see Pokemon attracted by incense attracts but others see that is by Lure.

Etiquette Tips in Pokemon Go

No need to waste time in searching Pokemons in Backyards and closed areas, specially zoo after closed. Help others too with the following rules;

  • If at a restaurant,  don’t waste time staying there and taking place of paying customers that can harm business.
  • Pick flowers from cemented areas and place on graves nearby.
  • Leave the cemeteries and parks when closed so that police don’t waste time on making people leave those areas.
  • Don’t block paths of bikers and golf holes in parks.
  • Clean the trash around you as it will give a positive look for others about Pokemon Go players.

How to Level Up in the Pokemon Go in less time?

Top four Hacks to Level Up:

  • Before the eggs hatch, use your lucky eggs.
  • Catch Pokemons when attacking Pokestops.
  • When lucky eggs are active, collect all the Pokemon but not Pidgeottos in Pidgeots unless required for battling.
  • Also save the Caterpies, Weedles, Rattatas, Pidgeys etc.

Evolve the Pidgeys if going for XP not for Gym Pokemon.

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