We are going to talk about some of the best money making apps available right now on Google Play Store. Spending money is always easy and relaxing because you do not have to do much to do that whereas earning money is a hardcore task with hurdles, problems and issues to be dealt with. The most amount of money spent nowadays is on the purchase of smartphones. In any given country people are getting more and more into getting their hands on the newest smartphone available in the market. People also tend to ponder some times that what if they could have made some money on the very device they spend so much on regardless if it were bought with a lump sum amount or on installments.

There is a good news for the Android users that there are many downloadable apps available on Google play store where you can make money by participating in a survey, testing different apps, selling your photos to potential buyers online and much more. Some apps would give you points or credit that could be turned into cash later on. Some apps directly let you earn cash which can, then, be transferred to your PayPal account whereas you get to earn gift cards which you can use later on for shopping of different items. Without further ado let’s have a look at the most amazing and promising money making apps.

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Google play store Freelancer:

Freelancer is the perfect app for people who would want to earn extra bucks online while using their communication, writing, mathematical, analytical, creative or any other type of skill. This is not an app where you can start earning cash rapidly but you can post you gig explaining what you offer, for how much you offer and in what time you will deliver to the buyer. The proposal, if matched with the buyer’s demand, gets accepted and the user starts earning with this brilliant and one of the many cool money making apps.

Google Opinion rewards:

Google play store is the most widely used app as it is the centre of all the other apps that get downloaded and installed on smartphones. Google even has its own money making app called Google opinion rewards. It is a survey based app where the user would be asked questions about a particular topic, brand, TV show, or the like and upon completion, points would be awarded which can be used for purchasing apps, games etc. Normally whenever a new survey is available, the user gets a notification and it always has a deadline so it is best to not to stall the survey and complete it as soon as possible.

Google Play store CashPirate:

CashPirate is also an interesting app where the users, after getting registered, have to participate in different surveys, test and play new games and earn points. They can also earn points by inviting their friends to join the app and get registered. This app turns your earned points into cash thus equaling 1000 points to $1. The users always have the option of either using their points/cash for purchasing apps on Google play store or simply getting it transferred in their respective PayPal account.

Google Play store Foap:

Foap is a different type and one of the best money making apps which allows the users to sell their photos online for a specific amount. There is a set of guidelines and parameters that needs to be strictly followed, for submitting a photo, by any user. The users can not submit obscene, racial, politically incorrect or the like, kind of photos for sale. The buyers can see all the images submitted on the app and they can choose and pay for the one they like. The minimum amount a user has to have in their app account is $5 and after that the amount is redeemable.

Google Play store MintCoins:

MintCoins is an interesting app that lets you earn cash in a very titillating way. The users, after registering with the app, would have to take surveys, install and test new apps for free, play online games for testing and earn coins. Not only that, if the registered users refer their friends to join the app and participate in the said tasks, they earn the coins. The minimum balance required to have your money transferred into your Paypal account is $1 but that is only an option. You can keep on accumulating money for ages and then at a later stage may be you can redeem all that hard earned cash through PayPal.

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