It has been some time since iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus hit the shelves in different countries. iPhone is perhaps the most selling smartphone in the world, at the time of the launch, one tends to see long lines. People wait for hours if not days just to get their hands on the latest iPhone model. But with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, things seem to be different. Reason being all the limelight is taken away by iPhone X. The $999 phone is the next generation phone, the pre-order started on 27th October and Apple will start shipping it on 3rd November 2017. In this article, we will be focusing on 5 advantages iPhone X has over iPhone 8.

Most of you must be aware of the broad difference such as Animojis, Face ID biometric, Edge to Edge OLED Display. Besides these, there are some other hardware differences as well. iPhone X cameras have optical image stabilization something that is part of Phone cameras. Likewise, iPhone camera has wider aperture even when you compare it with iPhone 8 Plus rear camera. The front camera of iPhone X is better than any other iPhone camera. It supports Portrait Mode all because of the Face ID’s sensor array. However, there are 5 subtle differences that can help you decide between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. WE believe that these differences are worth the additional few hundred dollars. So, let’s get down to the list of 5 advantages iPhone X has over iPhone 8.

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The 5 Advantages iPhone X has over iPhone 8

Tap to Wake

One does wonder why focus on something that has been part of numerous Android phones for quite some time. Reason being, tap of wake feature is imperative when you do not have the Home button to wake the phone up. Often our phone is lying on the table, right next to us. We just want to check notification without unlocking the phone. It is here where the tap to wake feature will be useful. This is a lot easier than unlocking your phone to check notification, all you have to do is tap once and you will see the notification on the locked screen.

Another reason Tap to Wake feature can prove to be useful is that it will save some battery time when compared to iPhone 6s Raise to Wake feature. Apple introduced Raise to Wake in iPhone 6s, the phone’s screen uses to lit up every time you raised a phone. But the feature uses to illuminates the entire screen every time you raise it, thus consuming a lot of memory. The Tap to Wake feature is better as it is fast and efficient, and it will not drain the battery of your phone. The bonus here is that you no longer have to open control center to enable flash. You can see a flash icon on the locked screen of your iPhone X.

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Dynamic Notification Display

iPhone X is a new phone, and it comes with old things done differently. The authentication on iPhone X is done differently than the previous iPhones. Previously, you would have to put your finger on the Home Screen to unlock it, but with iPhone X you will have to look for the padlock symbol on the top of the screen to unlock the phone.

Another interesting feature that is currently exclusive to only iPhone flagship device is that iPhone X will reveal content on the lock screen only after it authenticates your phone. So, when you pick your iPhone X, it will authenticate your face and then display the notification on the lock screen. If someone else picks your phone up, they will not be able to see notifications as they will disappear magically.

You can enjoy this feature on other iPhones too, head to the Settings app, then search for Notifications. Tap on Preview and then on When Unlocked. However, this will work only when you have not enabled the Rest Finger to Open option. To check it, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and tap on Home Button. This might be a little difficult for iPhone 6s and above, but it seems to be working perfectly fine with iPhone 8.

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Screen is up when you are looking

This is another feature that Android introduced with Samsung Galaxy S3, we just hope it will run smoothly on iPhone X. This is another interesting thing the front camera will detect a face and it will keep the screen awake even when you are not doing on it. This can be useful in many situations, for instance, you are waiting for Uber to find you a car, you are just looking at the screen. It will stay awake until you don’t look away, good thing is that you don’t have to tap on it, again and again, to keep it up.

With Samsung, the feature wasn’t reliable and in low light conditions it became worse, but on iPhone X it is going to work pretty well. Reason being the flood illuminator that makes the infrared camera to read the 30,000 dots projections on your face. The is one of the best advantage that iPhone X has over iPhone 8.

Faster Multi-tasking

With Android 7.0 Nougat, you would do multi-tasking in a faster manner. You would alternate between the two opened apps by double-tapping the Multi-tasking keys. This is really cool to use when you love to juggle between two apps. On iPhone, you will have to double tap the Home Screen button and then manually choose the app that you want to switch.

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However, with iPhone X things have become better. Apple’s Engineer Craig Federighi showed us that simply swiping the gesture indicator at the bottom of the screen, one can effortless switch between two apps. It will be like turning a magazines page.

Biggest Battery in an iPhone

This might only be an educated guess, but iPhone X is going to have a battery size close to iPhone Plus. Although the phone has a 4.7-inch display yet it needs to have a stronger and bigger battery because of several reasons.

The phone has an OLED display with 459 PPI pixels, so it will be needing more battery to go on without charging for long. Also, the Face ID is going to be a test for the iPhone X battery life. As an array of sensors will be activated several times a day to authenticate the users face. This is way more work than the fingerprint scanner. The dual camera of the phone is going to take some extra battery life especially the front camera in the Portrait mode. According to Apple’s estimate, iPhone X is going to have 2 hours longer battery life as compared to iPhone 8.


Instead of swiping from the bottom towards the top to access control center, in iPhone X you will use a different gesture. You will have to swipe top-right ear of the phone to access Control Center. We believe this to be a better and efficient gesture. For instance, if you keyboard open, and you want to access control center, there is a possibility it won’t open in first go. But in iPhone X, you will not have to face this problem.

You will be getting the above-mentioned as well as many other advantages for the extra hundred dollars that you will be spending on iPhone X.

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