Apple is currently working on a new technology, the AR/VR headset. These headsets are going to support an 8K display and they do not require tethering to a computer or a smartphone.  The code name of this headset is T288, and each eye will get an 8k display feature. They will not require any tethering to a smartphone or a computer. These Apple’s AR/VR Headset is going to be something amazing.

They might not require tethering with a smartphone or computer, but there is a dedicated box for them. It is a short range, high-speed wireless technology called 60GHz WiGig. The dedicated box is something you haven’t seen so far, it is going to be powered by Apple’s custom Five-nanometer. This is something new and similar to what Apple plans to use for the future Mac computers. Despite the fact that the box looks like a PC Tower, but we are sure, it won’t be an actual Mac computer.

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According to an Apple’ spokesman, the future of the VR technology is going to be wireless. For this reason, Apple is thriving to brings its trademark simplicity to the idea. The person familiar with Apple’s plan further added that the wireless technology, 60 GHz WiGi, is what the box will use. In order to boost the range and the speed, 802.11ay, a second generation version will be used. The technology will become more attractive by using high-end VR headsets that do not require tethering with a computer.

The interesting part is that you will not require installation of additional cameras as it done with most VR technology. On the contrary, everything is going to come inbuilt with the headset. Rumors have it that Apple has dedicated a search research unit for a number of augmented and virtual reality prototypes. However, the most authentic uses are that they have a research unit for the augmented reality smart glasses. Now we are not clear whether these smart glasses are the AR/VR headset, or something else that Apple is working on.

Apple’s AR/VR Headset are planned to get out in 2020, but there is a possibility that things might not work and the plans change.

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