Google has introduced an exciting new feature namely ‘Now Playing’ in its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones where the new feature will,uninterruptedly, show a song’s information and keep it on play on the Ambient display screen. This is great news since many a time the user seems to be unable to take assistance from Google assistant or Shazam app when he comes across a particular song. Other super thing about this feature is that not only on the display but also in the notifications and lock screen the song’s information will be displayed and this makes it all the more enthralling. Google’s Now playing history feature is also onits way

Apart from the pros of the new feature, the problem has been that users are not able to see any kind of history of the songs identified by the device. This means that it was high time when Google’s Now playing history feature has come into existence. Although this feature is not activated or enabled in the latest update but most probably it won’t take Google long to launch the new app with all its benefits. And when this feature gets enabled we are hoping to see a specific button in the notifications bar to drag out the history of any particular song we had listened to in the past.

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For now all we can do is wait on the Google’s Now playing history feature because there has been no formal or official announcements made about the rolling out of the new feature. This history feature is not at all installable on the build at the moment thus making the users to go for third party apps in order to get the songs’ history from their devices. Because there have been many apps for this very purpose for very long but now that Google has stepped into it itself, this is a start at least.


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