If you are wondering how to use Port a fort grenade in Fortnite, you have come to the right place. Finally, the Port a Fort grenade is live, and people are going crazy after it. You can get some victory royale look down on our opponents.

There is no doubt that guided missile is perhaps the best Fortnite weapon, but with the update, things have changed. There is another player in the game, and it can make a big difference.  You can now instantly build an entire base within few seconds. We have been hearing about it, and it says, “coming soon.” We do hope to see it in the coming week’s update, however, there is a possibility that it might take time. So, you will have to hold your horses for it.

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How to use Port a Fort grenade: Update

Finally, we are able to see Port a Fort, and we have some information on it. It is more like a purple drop that tends to build instantaneously. It also puts you inside it, provided you throw it at your feet. Instead of stairs, you will find tires for bouncing inside the drop.

Although, we are not able to use it in the actual game but we did see a teaser trailer. We believe that it is enough for to understand the working and creating of every Port a fort. We are assuming that once they are readily available, users might be able to customize them according to their needs.

According to what we know at the moment, Port a Fort will create a standing tower for you. The shape of the tower will be upside-down ziggurat. There are going to be stairs to proceed and a door to enter the tower. This all seems great, but we do have some questions. The questions are below.

  • What is the physics behind the concept?
  • Will Pot a Fort grenade allow us to knock people off their base rooftops and cliffs?
  • Once it starts growing, will you be pushed aside?
  • What is your position going to be, will it be at the top, center or at the bottom.

We believe that these options are going to change, as it becomes the part of the game. You will not find it readily available everywhere, but chances are that they appear in floor drops and loot chests. We are sure if they are made readily available, it will upset the overall moment of the game. Once Port a Fort grenade are available in the game, we are sure that they are going to replace the bush item drop. As they are going to be a safer way to stay out of the line of fire. We are really looking forward to it, however, at this moment, we are not sure what will be the time when it is made available. However, this is all about how to use Port a fort grenade for now. We will keep you updated if something comes up.

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