Galaxy Note 8 is an amazing phone and it offers outstanding features. By now most of you might have updated your Galaxy Note 8 N950U to Android Oreo. If you haven’t we believe you should get it done right away, however, if you have its time for the Android Oreo April Security Patch update. Keeping your phone up to date is imperative, as it tends to block any upcoming threat. We are going to talk about Updating Galaxy Note 8 to Android Oreo April Security Patch.

Before you go on updating Galaxy Note 8 to Android April Security Patch, you need to ensure a few things. First, it is important that you Note should have Android Oreo with build number N950USQU3CRC2.Second, since nothing is certified, therefore you need to follow the right guidelines for Google Apps working. So, without any further delay, we should get straight to the point.

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NOTE: The build includes some other upgrades including the April Security patch of Android Oreo. You will see an additional change in background optimization, notification snoozing, notifications channels and Picture in Picture mode. It also includes some bug fixes and other small updates.

Prerequisites to Update Galaxy Note 8 to Android Oreo April Security Patch

It is imperative that you create a backup of your data before proceeding. There is a possibility that things might not work, so you don’t want to lose all your data.

Ensure that you have the latest USB drivers of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on your computer. If you don’t have them, download them from here.

It is important to enable the USB debugging mode on your note 8. To enable the USB debugging mode, go to Settings and then to Developers Options.

Make sure that you have minimum 70 percent battery. Unexpected shut down during the installation process can lead to some serious problems.

Files Required for Galaxy Note 8 to Android Oreo April Security Patch

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The Complete Guide to Update Galaxy Note 8 to Android Oreo April Security Patch

Step 1: Download the files form the above link and rename them accordingly. Rename File CRC2 to CRC4 and CRC4 to CRC5. This is to ensure that you don’t mix them up later.

Step 2: Now connect your phone to your computer and transfer these files to the SD card.

Step 3: Enter the Recovery mode on Galaxy Note 8. To enter the recovery mode, follow the steps below.

  • You need to switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone.
  • Once the phone is off, press and hold the Power button along with the Volume Up button and the Bixby Button. Keep pressing these button until you see the Android logo on the screen.
  • Once you see the Android Logo, let go of the buttons and wait till you see No Command window.
  • Tap on this No Command Window. Tap the Power Button. You are not in the Recovery Mode.
  • To navigate in the Recovery mode, use the volume keys and to make a selection you will need the Power button.

Step 4: Once in the Recovery Mode, you need to choose the files you transferred in the second step. Select CRC2 to CRC4 zip file and flash it.

Step 5: Then select the Phone reboot option and wait for it to reboot.

Step 6: After the CRC4 updated is applied, you will again have to enter the Recovery mode and this time flASH CRC4 to CRC 5 zip file. The phone will reboot.

That is all, you now have the latest Android Oreo April Security Patch on your Note 8. If you have any queries, please do let us know in the comment section. We will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

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