Samsung is known for coming up with one of the best smartphones available on the market. May it be a high-end phone or a mid-range Android, you will always find something extraordinary. This time around, they have come up with Galaxy A8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, amazing smartphones. However, some users have complained regarding Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem.

The users say that their phone’s battery drains away even when their phone is idle. This problem occurs mainly after you install a couple of apps on your phone. If your phone is new, you might not facet this problem, but once you load it with apps the battery might die away quickly. So, people who are facing this problem, we have come up with a number of solutions. Hopefully, these solutions will resolve Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem.

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How to Fix Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem

There are certain things that you need to understand, some Android apps are no doubt a big battery hog. In this case, it is the app that is faulty, instead of the battery. Likewise, using too many apps with full brightness for hours means the battery will die away quickly.

There are a couple of ways to go about fixing this particular problem, and we have mentioned these methods below.

Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem: Increase Screen on Time

The increased screen on time means the amount of time your phone’s screen was turned on. Generally, a Samsung flagship device offers about 4-5 hours of onscreen time. If you get rid of some features from your phone, you can increase this screen time. Below is the list of features that you need to remove.

  1. Samsung Galaxy App Store
  2. Synchronization Services
  3. Find Phone/Android Device Manager
  4. Google location Sharing
  5. Google Location History
  6. Location Mode

Turn off these services and see, if Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem still persists. It might not make a major difference, but we are sure you will notice some difference in your phone’s battery life.

Method 1: Disable Location Mode

You will be surprised to learn that the location services on your android phone tend to use a lot of battery. Therefore, we suggest that you disable location mode in order to save some battery life. If the location service is on, there is a high possibility that it might cause Galaxy A8/A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem.

To disable the service, go to Galaxy A8/A8+ Settings, tap on Connection and then on Location to change the location method.

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Method 2: Disable Google Find Phone or Android Device Manager

To ensure the safety of your phone Samsung has Android Device Manager, now known as Google Find Phone feature. Although, it lets you keep track of your phone, but it leads to severe battery drainage problem. Disabling this option will increase the overall battery life of your Android phone.

Method 3: Turn off Synchronization Services

Adding a secondary account on your phone means enabling all the services related to that particular account. Such as Google Contacts, Google Maps, Google phone etc. These services are bound to lead towards Galaxy A8/A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem as they collect data in the background. So, to boost the battery life of your phone you need to disable Synchronization services that you don’t use.

Method 4: Disable Updates and Galaxy Apps Store

If you are using Samsung Galaxy App store, instead of Google app store, you might face battery issue. As Galaxy Apps store tends to update system apps as well resulting in battery drainage. The app is constantly running in the background to check for a new update, so it is better that you disable the update option.

Method 5: Factory Reset to resolve Galaxy A8/A8 Plus battery Drainage When Idle Problem

In case nothing works from the above solutions, your last option is to factory reset your phone. Once you factory reset your phone, you will have to start all over again. Download apps, and other services. Before factory resetting your phone, we suggest that you create a backup of your data especially when you don’t want to lose your pictures and contacts.

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