Here we are once again to give the coolest and best Android hacks of 2018 and these cool hacks can be done without rooting your Android smartphone. Android smartphones are being used by billions of people presently for their user-friendly software and cool features. Previously we’ve been discussing many Android hacks but those were for the rooted Android smartphones and now we are back with Android hacks for the non rooted devices. Rooting affects the security and safety and you won’t be able to claim your phone warranty in case of any mishap. Go through these Android hacks below for the non rooted Android smartphones and try your favourite ones to customise your device according to your taste.

1- Record video of the Android screen:

Sometimes you need to keep your eyes on the activities being performed on your Android smartphone when it’s in the hands of someone else. So screen recording is the best to way to do it with very little effort. There are a number of applications you can use to record the activities to keep track of these activities be careful next time before giving your device to someone. Rec. (Screen Recorder) , Shou and Mobizen ScreenUse are some of many apps available on google play. Use this Android hack and become a spy on your phone.

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2- Set automatic mechanism for your Android settings:

Your Android smartphone settings can be set to automatic functioning by settings commands. Your device will respond and react to every action performed according to the set commands. All you need to do is to set commands and your phone will to act the way you want it to act according to your commands. You’ll set and actions and reactions of your device. Automatelt is an Android application which helps you perform all these actions and make your life easier. With this automation of settings you will never have to command your Android smartphone manually.

3- Control all your Electronic and Smart devices with Android smartphone:

Your smart LED TV, AC, refrigerator, blue-ray player or any other electronic device with internet connections can be controlled with your Android device. All that’s needed is your smart devices connected to an internet device and a mobile application that is connected to all the devices and you’re all set to control your electronics from hundreds of miles away. Smart IE Remote, Easy Universal TV Remote, Smart Remote and Android TV Remote are some many apps you can control your electronics with. 

4- Use edge of any Android device through “Edge Display”:

Don’t have an Edged device? You can still use the edges of an ordinary Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8. “Edge Display” is a launcher that allows you to use the edges of any Android device by changing the interface of your device as of the edged devices. Your interface will be customized and will look cooler than ever.

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5- Control your PC from Android smartphone:

Your smartphone is also able to control your PC now. “Chrome Remote Desktop” is an application introduced by Google that lets you control your computer from your smartphone over the internet. The two devices needs to be connected through a stable internet connection and you can turn your Android smartphone into PC as you’ll be able to break into your PC and get its complete interface on your mobile device. You have this facility on Google Chrome browser as well.

6- Hack your favorite games on Android:

This Android hack can prove to be the best of all these Android hacks for you if you’re a game lover. You have the opportunity to hack your favorite games on your Android device using a very cool application called “Game Killer”. Through this application you can hack any Android game you want to get free and unlimited coins, rewards and game points etc. You won’t have to pay anything for the in-app purchases within the games as well.

7- Play your childhood games with Android Emulator:

All of us miss our childhood games we used to play on consoles. We have those games revised and relaunched for us to play on our Android smartphones. There are several Android Emulators available that help you play these games with controls of our own choice. NES Emulator is one of the best choice for that. There are no games included in the app but you can play all those childhood games with these Emulators with the easiest of controls. You can also rewind the game a few seconds if you lose a life and start again from where your player lost life.

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8- Hide any Media from phone Gallery:

Your Android smartphone is not just a cellphone now but your privacy. You can hide all your private media from your Gallery and secure your privacy from everyone. There are different ways of doing so. These media can be hidden from the settings by clearing the cache memory through a long process. Easy way of performing this is through the “ES File Explorer” application available online.

9- Remove built-in Apps from Android smartphone:

Most of the built-in apps on our Android smartphones are of no use to us and occupy a lot of space in the ROM as well. Some of them also hinders the device from performing well in some situations. These apps can also be removed. Follow this sequence:

Settings>Applications>Application Manager>(Select app)>Froce Stop> Disable

This is a very useful Android hack of creating space on your device for more useful apps.

10- Record all your incoming and outgoing calls:

Record all the incoming and outgoing calls on your Android smartphone and save them in the phone memory. This is a good way of securing a conversation and even better Android hack if you have a weak memory and forget that what was the conversation all about. Automatic Call Recorder app is available online allow you to record all or selective calls to keep track of them.

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